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The Institute’s EU Affairs Programme monitors policy developments and election outcomes from across EU Member States, the priorities of the rotating Presidencies of the Council of the EU and ongoing issues of concern for the European Union, such as the rule of law and the rise of populism.

12th February 2021

Reforming the European Stability Mechanism (ESM): Implications for Financial Stability and Resilience

This blog discusses some of the key themes of Klaus Regling’s address to the IIEA on 3 February 2021, on the topic of the reform of the ESM Treaty.
10th February 2021

Reforming the ESM – Implications for European Financial Stability and Resilience

Klaus Regling examines the implications of reforms to the ESM for financial stability and resilience in Europe.
9th February 2021

2021: Ambitions and Challenges for Ireland in a Changing World

The Taoiseach sets out his ambitions for Ireland as a global actor in 2021 and beyond.
9th February 2021

The EMA’s Regulatory Role in the Global Response to COVID-19

The Executive Director of the EMA, Emer Cooke, delivers an address on the regulatory role of the EMA in the global response to COVID-19.
15th January 2021

Time to Deliver: The Key Priorities of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU

On 1 July 2020, Germany assumed the rotating Presidency of the EU Council against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. This briefing examines what we can expect over the next six months.
13th January 2021

Priorities of the Portuguese EU Presidency

H.E. Minister Santos Silva outlines the priorities for Portugal’s forthcoming Presidency of the European Union in 2021 in the context of the current and future challenges facing the EU.
13th January 2021

Building a Competitive, Innovative and Resilient European Economy

State Secretary Dörr-Voß discusses efforts to future-proof EU industrial, competition and economic policy ahead of the forthcoming update of the New Industrial Strategy for Europe.
13th January 2021

Generating Resilience and Growth in Germany and the EU

Professor Lars P. Feld offers his analysis of the outlook for the German economy, including within the wider context of the European Union.

EU Affairs Publications

1st October 2020

From Fragile Continent to Vital Union

This brief examines the major issues Commission President von der Leyen outlined in her inaugural State of the Union address to the European Parliament on 16 September 2020. It also analyses the options arising from her speech and their potential implications for the EU and for Ireland.
18th June 2020

The Multilateral Order Post-Covid: Expert Voices

The multilateral order as we have known it since the Second World War was already showing strains before the world was afflicted with the coronavirus pandemic. The unprecedented measures taken across the world to deal with the immediate crisis have only highlighted the need for a more thoroughgoing examination of this order. In this IIEA Expert Voices publication, ten foreign policy experts share short perspectives on the question of how COVID-19 pandemic will impact different aspects of the rules-based multilateral order.
13th May 2020

Judging the Eurozone: The Role of National Courts and the European Court of Justice in adjudicating on Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union

Much of the EU’s constitutional evolution from the foundation of the single currency two decades ago to the present day has centred on Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). In the years following the onset of the sovereign debt and banking crises in the EU, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) was regularly called into action to adjudicate on matters pertaining to EMU, with important consequences for our present moment. In this research paper, Professor Gavin Barrett of the UCD Sutherland School of Law notes that crisis-era ECJ rulings concerning general Eurozone developments necessitated rapid constitutional development of the EU’s legal and institutional frameworks. For example, the ECJ upheld the establishment of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) in Pringle and confirmed the legality of the ECB’s Outright Monetary Transactions programme in Gauweiler.
25th October 2019

Angela Merkel: The Climate Chancellor?

Germany’s 2030 Climate Protection Programme was unveiled on 20 September 2019. This briefing outlines the context in which the programme was launched and how it fits into Angela Merkel’s legacy as the Climate Chancellor.
5th April 2019

Ireland and the Changing Global Foreign Direct Investment Landscape

In this paper for the IIEA, Frank Barry discusses five major developments in the external FDI landscape with a focus on their implications for the Irish economy.  
21st February 2018

Maintaining the Rule of Law in Poland: What next for the Article 7 proceedings?

On Wednesday, 20 December 2017, the European Commission proposed that the European Council adopt a decision under Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) to formally issue a warning to the Polish government regarding its repeated disregard of European Commission Rule of Law recommendations. This unprecedented proposal follows almost two years of dialogue and represents a significant escalation in the ongoing rule of law dispute. The European Commission has stated its “readiness” to reconsider its proposal should the Polish government act on the Rule of Law recommendations, but a three-month deadline has been set for Poland to take these into consideration. Considering the EU is based on shared values and the rule of law, it is feared that this ongoing dispute could threaten to undermine the fabric of the EU itself. This policy brief will examine the origin and evolution of this rule of law ‘crisis’, the next steps and the possible outcomes.

EU Affairs Past Events

12th November 2020

Strengthening Europe’s Health Capacity

Minister Spahn reflects on lessons learned to date in managing the COVID-19 pandemic and their implications for EU public health policy.
16th October 2020

The Transatlantic Alliance: A European Parliament Perspective

Just over two weeks prior to the US Presidential Election, Radosław Sikorski MEP offers his analysis of the current state, and future of, the transatlantic alliance.
15th October 2020

‘Back to the future’: Resetting British-Irish relations in the post Brexit & COVID period

Dr Steve Aiken takes a critical look at how Northern Ireland can become a benchmark of Anglo-Irish cooperation and understanding.
13th October 2020

A Keynote Address by William Hague

William Hague offers his perspective on the role of a post-Brexit UK in its neighborhood and the world.
2nd October 2020

Countering Online Disinformation: Actions Taken and the Challenges Ahead

Paolo Cesarini discusses the threat of disinformation and the EU’s policy response to it, focusing on the EU’s Code of Practice on Disinformation, which is currently under review.
29th September 2020

Timely, Targeted, Temporary and Transformational – The German Strategy for Recovery in the EU

State Secretary Kukies discusses the priorities of the German Presidency of the Council of the EU in working towards economic recovery and long-term resilience.
29th September 2020

WEBINAR: The State of the European Union 2020

Marking President Ursula von der Leyen’s inaugural State of the Union Address, the IIEA and the European Commission Representation in Ireland hosts a public webinar discussion.