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The Future of the EU27

Future of the EU27

9th December 2019

What Next for EU Enlargement?

Professor John O’Brennan (Maynooth University) and Pat Kelly (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) discuss recent developments in the debate on EU enlargement to the Western Balkans.
6th December 2019

EU27 Bulletin 2-6th Dec

This week’s EU27 Bulletin brings you all the latest developments from the Commission’s first week in office, as further details emerge about the work programme and working methods of the new College of Commissioners.
3rd December 2019

Seeing the Bigger Picture: France and Germany and the ‘Future of Europe’ Conference.

This blog examines the Franco-German non-paper on the ‘Future of Europe’ Conference and the key questions and guidelines for the conference. The non-paper reignites the debate regarding where Europe is heading and what kind of reform is needed for the future of the European project and assesses Franco-German relations.
22nd November 2019

EU27 Bulletin 18-22 November

This week’s EU27 Bulletin covers the completion of the hearings process for the new European Commission and explores the final steps necessary before the new Commission can take office on 1 December 2019, with or without a Commissioner from the UK.

EU Affairs

9th December 2019

“Disruptive Diplomacy” – The Macron Approach

In his keynote address, Victor Mallet argues that Macron’s “disruptive diplomacy” is more deliberate and considered than his critics acknowledge. The question is to what extent he will succeed.
19th November 2019

Global Europe: Challenges and Opportunities. The View from Madrid

Dr Charles Powell, Director of the Elcano Royal Institute, discusses the EU’s role as a global actor facing challenges to the rules-based international order and increasing global uncertainty.
8th November 2019

A History of Brexit (in 1500 words)

Pat Cox, former President of the European Parliament, discusses the evolution of the Brexit stalemate and its impact on the UK and the EU.
5th November 2019

Cybersecurity in the age of 5G technology: the EU’s response

An overview of the EU’s response to the cybersecurity risks posed by non-EU telecom equipment suppliers such as Huawei and an exploration of the potential geopolitical implications of this response.
30th October 2019

A Future EU-China Partnership: France’s Perspective

In her keynote address, Dr de Vergeron discusses France’s strategy towards China and its commitment to renew the EU-China partnership and position Europe as a balancing pole of global power.


27th November 2019

Brexit: What Comes Next?

Professor Anand Menon gives a perspective on political developments in the UK since the Brexit referendum and considers what the future holds for Brexit and the UK.
22nd November 2019

Brexit Brief 75

Issue 75 of the IIEA Brexit Brief notes the current state of play in the Brexit debate and collates relevant news from Ireland, the UK, and the rest of the EU
11th November 2019

The Great Transformation

Martin Wolf argues that the ongoing global transformations in politics and economics have caused a series of related crises – as shown in the election of Donald Trump and Brexit.
6th November 2019

Brexit Brief 74

Issue 74 of the IIEA Brexit Brief notes the current state of play in the Brexit debate and collates relevant news from Ireland, the UK, and the rest of the EU.
23rd October 2019

Ireland’s Future Beyond Brexit

Michelle O’Neill argues that the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union undermines the institutional, constitutional, legal integrity and status of the Good Friday Agreement.