The Future of the EU27

Future of the EU27

12th February 2018

Forging Partnerships: Ireland and Lithuania in the EU27

In their address, Minister David Stanton and Minister Linkevičius will outline the Irish and Lithuanian perspectives on the Future of the EU27. Following this, they will be joined by a panel of UCC students.
31st January 2018

Will Hope and History Rhyme Again for Europe?

Prime Minister Ratas will outline Estonia’s vision for the future of the EU and discuss the main policy priorities of his Government in an EU of 27 Member State.
22nd January 2018

Emerging Voices Panel

A new national debate on the future of the EU27 has been launched by the Irish Government. Contributions to this debate have been made by leading European figures, by EU Member States, and by the EU Institutions and Irish people have been called upon to discuss their own visions for the future of the EU.  
17th January 2018

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s Vision for the Future of Europe

On Wednesday, 17 January 2018, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar presented his vision for the future of Europe to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. This blog takes a look at some key issues that the Taoiseach discussed.

EU Affairs

5th February 2018

The End of Europeanisation? Poland’s Changing Approach to EU Integration

Piotr Buras will explore the sources of Poland’s current attitude towards the EU and how the new Polish European policy will impact on relations with the country’s key partners.
18th January 2018

The Grand Coalition’s Blueprint for Europe: Conclusions, Context and Next Steps

On Friday, 12 January 2018, the CDU, CSU and SPD published the conclusions of the exploratory talks about the potential continuation of a Grand Coalition in Germany.
16th January 2018

Mario Centeno becomes Eurogroup President: What does this mean for EMU?

On Saturday, 13 January, Mario Centeno, Portugal’s Finance Minister became Eurogroup President. What will his Presidency mean for the future of the Eurozone?
12th December 2017

The Western Balkan Region – Is Accession to the EU Still a Reality?

Following a succession of political crises in several countries of the Western Balkan region, the EU has put forward a series of initiatives aimed at reconfirming the perspective of EU accession for the region.
8th December 2017

Investing in Europe’s Future

President Hoyer will illustrate the role of the EIB in fostering competitiveness through investment in Education, Technology and Strategic Infrastructure.


21st February 2018

Brexit: Where are we going? The Future Relationship

Part Six of the IIEA’s February 2018 Brexit Status Report series is written by John McGrane, Director General of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce, describes the ‘Big Principles’ required for an effective future relationship between the EU and UK.
13th February 2018

Brexit: Where are we now? Part Four – Ireland

Part Four of the IIEA’s February 2018 Brexit Status Report series, written by Tom Arnold, former Director General of the IIEA, sets out the Irish perspective on the negotiations to date, as well as the options for the negotiations ahead.
9th February 2018

Brexit: Where are we now? Part Three – The EU Institutions

In this third article in the IIEA’s February 2018 Brexit Status Report series, the IIEA Brussels provides a perspective on the negotiations from the EU Institutions.
9th February 2018

Brexit Brief 35

Issue 35 of the IIEA Brexit Brief notes the current state of play in the Brexit talks and collates relevant news from Ireland, the UK and the rest of the EU.
7th February 2018

Brexit: Where are we now? Part Two – The UK

In this second article in the IIEA’s 2018 Brexit Status Report series, John Palmer, Former Europe Editor at the Guardian, argues that the UK Government’s approach to Brexit is lacking clarity and direction.