The Future of the EU27

Future of the EU27

19th July 2019

Delving Deeper into the New EU Leadership Package

This briefing provides background on the proposed leaders and explores where they stand on issues of relevance to the future of Europe and to Ireland. The briefing also covers the next steps in the appointment process for the candidates that have not yet been formally appointed.
15th July 2019

The Outcome of the European Parliament Elections

In this policy briefing, Francis Jacobs identifies the key trends that have emerged in Ireland and across Europe following the elections to the European Parliament in May 2019.
4th July 2019

Is CAP slipping off the EU’s agenda?

This explainer examines how CAP works in practice, how expenditure on CAP is changing and how CAP is being reformed to reflect new policy priorities.
3rd July 2019

A Delicate Balance: The EU’s new Strategic Agenda

On 20 June 2019, Heads of State or Government in the European Council adopted the EU’s Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024. This high-level document is designed to provide a blueprint of the EU’s political direction for the next five years. This search for a common narrative has perhaps been deeper and more reflective this time around, as the EU prepares for life as a Union of 27.

EU Affairs

5th July 2019

An EU Budget for the Future – The Road Ahead

Gert-Jan Koopman discusses the European Commission’s proposal for a long-term budget that focuses on the rule of law, less red tape and budgetary agility to cope with emerging challenges.
3rd July 2019

An EU Approach to AI: from Ethics Guidelines to Policy and Investment Recommendations

The EU’s High-Level Expert Group on AI (AI HLEG) has published its policy and investment recommendations for Trustworthy AI. This blog outlines the recommendations and reflects on how they fit into the EU’s approach to AI.
2nd July 2019

The European Union and Central Asia: A New Partnership in Action

Ambassador Peter Burian outlines the EU vision in the new Strategy for Central Asia of building a modern, non-exclusive partnership to secure a more resilient, prosperous, rules-based economic and political space
1st July 2019

New Technologies and big data: what potential for the agri-food sector?”

Vladimír Šucha considers drivers and barriers to the use of new digital technologies in the agri-food sector and the next Common Agricultural Policy
1st July 2019

Currency, Credit and Crisis: Central Banking in Ireland and Europe

The IIEA hosts the launch of a new book by Patrick Honohan, entitled Currency, Credit and Crisis: Central Banking in Ireland and Europe. Paschal Donohoe T.D., Minister for Finance & Public Expenditure and Reform, launches the book


15th July 2019

Brexit: A Perspective from Westminster

In his address to the IIEA, Dominic Grieve QC MP provides a perspective from Westminster on the current state of play in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.
9th July 2019

Brexit Brief 68

Issue 68 of the Brexit Brief notes the current state of play in the Brexit debate and collates relevant news from Ireland, the UK and the rest of the EU.
1st July 2019

The Policy Priorities of a Future Labour Government

James Meadway discusses the economic orientation of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn, and the policy options for a future Labour government.
27th June 2019

Beyond Brexit – Where might we be heading?

In his address to the IIEA, Douglas Carswell outlines his views on Brexit and the direction in which UK politics is heading.
26th June 2019

Brexit and Northern Ireland

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP discusses the implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland and the role to be played by the DUP in securing a resolution to the UK’s withdrawal.