geopolitics Analysis

Geopolitics is the umbrella under which the IIEA analyses developments in foreign policy, including the EU’s external relations and policy developments. The Geopolitics programme also covers global power dynamics vis-à-vis the United States, Russia and China.

6th February 2020

The Russia Trap: How the US-Russia Shadow War Could Spiral Into Catastrophe (and How to Stop It).

George Beebe, former Director of the CIA’s Russia analysis, presents his new book, The Russia Trap: How the US-Russia Shadow War Could Spiral Into Catastrophe (and How to Stop It).
1min 132
27th January 2020

Protecting the Rules-based Regional Order in the Indo-Pacific: What Role for Japan?

Ryosuke Hanada examines the role for Japan in protecting the rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific region.
1min 217
16th January 2020

Global Terrorism Index: Trends in 2019

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) presents its Global Terrorism Index 2019 and outline key trends.
2min 448
8th January 2020

German Perspective on the Future of European Defence Cooperation

Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Defence of Germany, Dr Peter Tauber, discusses the future of European Security and Defence policy from the German perspective.
1min 588
11th December 2019

Russia and China: a fleeting friendship or strategic embrace?

Russia-China cooperation is at its closest in decades. Moscow relishes the opportunities this presents, but will this friendship be in Russia’s best interests in the long-term?
1min 931
9th December 2019

“Disruptive Diplomacy” – The Macron Approach

In his keynote address, Victor Mallet argues that Macron’s “disruptive diplomacy” is more deliberate and considered than his critics acknowledge. The question is to what extent he will succeed.
1min 780
29th November 2019

Contemporary Challenges and the Future of Peace Operations

Jean-Pierre Lacroix discusses modern-day peacekeeping operations and how they address the challenges we face today.
1min 763
28th November 2019

The OSCE and Europe’s New Threat Landscape

In his keynote address, OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger highlights some of the key security challenges facing Europe today, including both traditional threats and transnational and global challenges.
1min 730

geopolitics Publications

5th April 2019

Ireland and the Changing Global Foreign Direct Investment Landscape

In this paper for the IIEA, Frank Barry discusses five major developments in the external FDI landscape with a focus on their implications for the Irish economy. 
23rd February 2017

US Border Adjustment Proposal – A Radical Departure?

This briefing examines the tax reform proposals made by Republican Party leaders in the United States and, in particular, the border adjustment measures advocated by Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, and Kevin Brady, Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Ways and Means Committee. If enacted, border adjustment would represent a radical change to the US corporate tax system. The briefing analyses the arguments for and against the proposed border adjustment measures, which have divided corporate America and led to concern among leading US trade partners. Its publication comes ahead of an expected announcement from the White House regarding President Trump’s plan for tax reform.
16th January 2017

Finding Our Bearings: European Security Challenges in the Era of Trump and Brexit

The conventional view of Europe as a zone of peace, already shaken by Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, was further challenged by two generally unanticipated events in 2016: the referendum in the United Kingdom on 23 June to withdraw from the European Union and the election on 8 November of Donald Trump as President of the United States. This paper attempts to discern the direction of international security policy in 2017 and to set out the challenges for European security, and their implications for Ireland.
11th January 2017

Celebrating 60 Years Japan – Ireland Diplomatic Relations

2017 marks the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ireland and Japan. This IIEA report, commissioned by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, examines relations between Ireland and Japan across politics, economics, trade and investment, tourism, education and culture. It outlines the many positive aspects of the Ireland-Japan relationship and identifies steps that could be taken to further strengthen ties between the two nations in the years ahead.
16th August 2016

China’s Market Economy Status: A Political Issue

China’s Market Economy Status: A Political IssueThe European Union is currently under pressure to decide as whether to grant Market Economy Status (MES) to China, when certain provisions in its World Trade Organisation Accession Protocol lapse on 11 December 2016. Although China’s quest for market economy status is presented as a technical issue, a lack of clarity in the legal text has left the issue open to both interpretation and politicisation. As the deadline for a decision approaches, this paper analyses the political dimension of the options facing the EU, and their implications for Europe and EU-China relations.

geopolitics Past Events

30th October 2019

A Future EU-China Partnership: France’s Perspective

In her keynote address, Dr de Vergeron discusses France’s strategy towards China and its commitment to renew the EU-China partnership and position Europe as a balancing pole of global power.
25th October 2019

State surveillance in the digital age: China’s use of information technology

Kai Strittmatter discusses how the Chinese Communist Party is using 21st-century information technology, such as AI and Big Data, to develop its Social Credit System
25th October 2019

Partnering for Peace: The EU and the Sahel Region

In his keynote address, Ambassador Losada Fernandez will discuss the complex challenges currently facing the Sahel region.
25th September 2019

Solar Geoengineering: Public Policy and Geopolitical Considerations

Professor Keith examines the public policy and geopolitical implications of solar geoengineering as a method of combating climate change.
18th September 2019

The Colombian ‘Peace with Legality’ Policy; and Regional and Global Challenges

Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo will discuss the ‘Peace and Legality’ policy in Colombia. He will also discuss regional and global challenges, such as the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.