Economics Analysis

The Institute’s wide-ranging Economics Programme provides a platform for members to inform debate on the pressing economic issues of the day such as developments in international taxation and trade, the future of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), the changing regulatory landscape of the financial services sector and the growth of green and sustainable finance.

20th February 2020

All Eyes on Brussels as MFF Negotiations Enter Crucial Stage

Member States have formed into alliances to build consensus around their specific demands for the next multiannual financial framework. Who comprises these formal and informal groupings and what are their animating concerns?
14th February 2020

Accelerating Investment in Structural Transformation

Laurence Boone argues that rethinking fiscal policy and addressing the challenges raised by digitalisation, climate change and inequality all have the potential to lift global investment and living standards.
6th February 2020

Risks and Resilience in the Financial System: A German Perspective

Claudia M. Buch discusses the vulnerabilities in the German financial system, the risks that could expose these vulnerabilities, and the resilience of the financial system.
16th January 2020

Ireland: A Model of Substance

Danny McCoy examines how the scale of the business footprint in Ireland can underpin productivity rather than diminish competitiveness through greater public-private partnerships and a new social contract.
4th December 2019

Global Economic Developments: Implications for Budgetary Policy in Ireland

The IIEA hosts a major keynote address by Paschal Donohoe TD, Minister for Finance & Public Expenditure and Reform.
2nd December 2019

Greening the European Investment Bank

This briefing examines the European Investment Bank’s recent activities in support of climate action and considers its capacity to finance the green transition in the EU.
25th November 2019

Sustainable Energy: Risks Posed by Climate Change to the Financial System

In his address to the IIEA, Kevin McGeeney analyses the risks posed by climate change to the financial system. Mr McGeeney examines the recent developments in the renewable energy markets and discusses the emerging trend of mandatory climate-related financial risk disclosures, as proposed by the European Commission and the Financial Stability Board.

Economics Publications

2nd December 2019

Greening the European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is an important actor in the EU’s efforts to transition to carbon neutrality by 2050. In response to calls from the European Council and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the EIB has committed to scaling up its climate-related activities in order to become the EU’s dedicated climate bank.This briefing examines the EIB’s recent activities in support of climate action and considers the Bank’s capacity to finance the green transition in the EU.
5th April 2019

Ireland and the Changing Global Foreign Direct Investment Landscape

In this paper for the IIEA, Frank Barry discusses five major developments in the external FDI landscape with a focus on their implications for the Irish economy. 
30th October 2018

Cut to The Chase: US Corporate Tax Reform – The Implications for Ireland

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law by US President Donald Trump on 22 December 2017. Given the substantial presence of US multinational companies in Ireland, the changes to the US tax code could have significant implications for the Irish economy. In this paper, Professor Frank Barry of Trinity College Dublin outlines the history of corporate tax policy in Ireland and the US and discusses how the systems interacted up to the time of the recent changes. The likely implications of the new US tax regime for inward FDI in Ireland are also considered.
6th October 2017

UK Election Results and Economic Prospects

This briefing note, by IIEA Senior Fellow, Tony Brown, summarises recent developments in the UK and presents a snapshot of the British political and economic state of play since the election on 8 June 2017.
30th June 2017

New Ideas – France, Germany and the Future of the Euro Area

This IIEA policy brief examines and compares the reforms proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron and by the European Commission to solidify and strengthen the European economy. It analyses the prospects for a renewed Franco-German alliance and concludes by focusing on the potential implications of a restructured euro area for Ireland.

Economics Past Events

14th November 2019

Blockchain and the Future of the Financial Industry

John Whelan argues that the application of blockchain technology in the financial industry must focus on three areas simultaneously: technology, demand and compliance.
9th September 2019

The Future of the EU 27 Post-Brexit: A German Industry Perspective

Keynote address outlining the strategic importance of a stable European Union for the export-oriented German economy and the priorities of German business in the upcoming Brexit negotiations.
5th July 2019

An EU Budget for the Future – The Road Ahead

Gert-Jan Koopman discusses the European Commission’s proposal for a long-term budget that focuses on the rule of law, less red tape and budgetary agility to cope with emerging challenges.
1st July 2019

New Technologies and big data: what potential for the agri-food sector?”

Vladimír Šucha considers drivers and barriers to the use of new digital technologies in the agri-food sector and the next Common Agricultural Policy