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Researcher: Hannah Deasy

Ken Duggan

About the IIEA China Group:

In 2007, the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) established a China Group to examine the re-emergence of China on the world stage and the challenges and opportunities that this presents for the European Union and the world.

The focus of this group is on EU-China relations, examining a wide range of policies including economic, political and socio-cultural, trade relations, domestic Chinese politics and China’s relationship with regional partners and the European Union through such organisations as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), ASEAN +3, the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) and the United Nations. The group assesses the impact that various EU policy initiatives and developments have both on Ireland’s bilateral relationship with China and the broader EU-China relationship.

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Previous IIEA China group events:


8 March  – China 2011-2015: A New Generation of Leaders and a New Five –Year Plan, Dr. Kerry Brown, Director, Asia Programme, Chatham House



29 October – New Structural Economics, Dr. Justin Yifu Lin, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank

29 September – The Geopolitics of China, H.E. Declan Kelleher, Irish Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China

6 July – EU-China Trade: Future Opportunities and Ongoing Challenges, Dr Peter Balas, Deputy Director General, DG Trade, European Commission

30 April - Possible Implications for the World of Japan’s New Government, Professor Karel van Wolferen, Author and Emeritus Professor of Comparative Political and Economic Institutions at the University of Amsterdam  

31 March – China – Leading the World Again, Dr. Eddie O’Connor, Founder and CEO of Mainstream Renewable Energy and Founder and former CEO of Airtricity

18 January – Outward Investment by Chinese Companies, Duncan Freeman, Research Fellow at the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies  (BICCS)



23 September - Roundtable on EU-China Summit 2009, Dr. Francois Godement, European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) & Mr. Franz Jessen, Head of China Unit, DG RELEX, European Commission

20 March - Nationalism in China, Dr. Minxin Pei, China Programme, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington D.C.   



5 December - The 7th Asia-Europe Meeting 2008 - Vision and Action: Towards a Win-Win Solution, Geoffrey Barrett, Advisor on Multilateral Relations with Asia, European Commission

13 November - Observations on the Political, Economic and Cultural changes in China, Conor O’Clery, former Irish Times Foreign Correspondent in Beijing  

18-19 September – The Energy Sustainability Challenge: Fuelling Cooperation Between Asia and Europe, 6th Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Environment Forum, Farmleigh House, Dublin, co-hosted with the IIEA

15 May - China’s Security Policy, General Xiong Guangkai, Chairman of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS)  

13 February - China’s Resource Acquisition Policy, Dr. Eddie O’Connor, Founder and former CEO Airtricity  

8 February - The EU-China Trade Relationship, David O’Sullivan, Director General for Trade, European Commission

25 January - The 17th Chinese Communist Party Congress, Dr. Kerry Brown, Asia Programme, Chatham House

10 September – IIEA China group roundtable discussion with Irish Ambassador to China, H.E. Declan Kelleher



17 July - IIEA China group roundtable discussion with Stanley Crossick, Director and Founding Chairman of the European Policy Centre (EPC)



19 June – IIEA Conference on the Rise of China, Peter Sutherland, former Attorney General of Ireland and EU Commissioner & Chris Horn, founder and former CEO, Iona Technologies and former Chairman, Irish Management Institute