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About the IIEA U.S. Group:

The U.S. group analyses the EU-U.S relationship in the context of international trade, business and finance, justice issues such as cross-border crime, immigration policy, borders and customs cooperation, counter-terrorism, international security, climate change and energy policy. Attention is also devoted to the forums through which the transatlantic partners cooperate on the international stage, such as the World Trade Organisation, the United Nations and the World Bank in addressing a wide variety of issues such as trade disputes, the reduction of carbon emissions and the international financial and banking systems, to name but a few.  Particular attention is given to the situation of Ireland within the transatlantic relationship, and the contribution that Ireland can make to this relationship. 

In fulfilling its mission statement, the group hosts briefings, roundtable discussions and conferences with senior American and European officials, politicians, businesspeople, academics and policy makers, focusing on different aspects of the important and mutually beneficial transatlantic relationship and emphasising the importance of cooperation between the parties in finding solutions to global challenges. 

For the most recent events of the U.S. Group, click here.


Previous IIEA U.S. group events include:



15 June - Obama's Foreign Policy and the End of the American Era, Professor Stephen M. Walt, Robert and Rene Belfer Professor of International Relations at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

01 April -  American Foreign Policy Priorities in a Changing World, Dr. Richard Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations, New York 

09 February - Establishing a Transatlantic Innovation Economy, Jeffries Briginshaw, EU Executive Director of the Transatlantic Business Dialogue (TABD)



09 March - EU/US Relations - A US Perspective on the Transatlantic Relationship, Spencer P. Boyer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs

23 March - Prospects for the CTBT, Executive Secretary of the Preparatory Commission of the CTBTO, Ambassador Tibor Toth



24 November - The US Strategy for Afghanistan, Michael Semple, Regional Specialist on Afghanistan and Pakistan

02 November - Myths and Realities in the Irish-US Relationship, Denis Staunton, Foreign Editor, The Irish Times

05 October - The Transatlantic Relationship: The New Terms of Engagement, Professor Christopher Coker, Professor of International Relations, London School of Economics

05 June - The Global Financial Crisis: Ramifications for the United States and the Rest of the World, Professor James K. Galbraith, Professor of Government, University of Texas at Austin



26 June - McCain, Obama and US Foreign Policy in the 2008 Presidential Election, Roger Cohen, Columnist and Editor-at-large, International Herald Tribune (IHT)



29 November - EU-US Co-operation in Border Security and Home Affairs, Michael Chertoff, US Secretary of Homeland Security 

8 October - Trends in Terrorism, Bruce Hoffman, Senior Scholar, Princeton University & Senior Fellow, Westpoint Military Academy.

5 October - Development Issues, Daniel Sullivan, US Secretary of State for Business, Development and Economic Affairs



Annual review of EU/US relations by Professor Seamus O’Cleireacain, Columbia University, New York

12 December - What is political Islam and what is Islamist militancy, Peter Bergen, Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, Washington DC

25 September - Progress towards a Barrier-Free Transatlantic Market, Martin Broughton, Chair of British Airways and Chairman of the Transatlantic Business Dialogue

13 September - The Report of the Commission on Weapons of Mass Destruction by Dr. Hans Blix, former Head, United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC)

30 August - Foundation Members Dinner with Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz, Columbia University

02 March - Discussion on EU Issues, John Podesta, President of the Centre for American Progress and former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton

27 February - Strengthening EU-US relations, H.E. John Bruton, EU Ambassador to the United States

19 January - Europe and America: Underwriters of the International Order? Professor Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Annual review of EU/US relations by Professor Seamus O’Cleireacain, Columbia University, New York

12 December  -  American Foreign Policy Priorities and Transatlantic Relations at the end of 2005, Niall O’Dowd, Editor of The Irish Voice in New York

27 June - Outcome of the EU-US Summit  H.E. James Kenny, US Ambassador to Ireland 

09 May - Smart Power in Transatlantic Relations, Joseph Nye, Harvard Professor and former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs



2004 Annual review of EU/US relations by Professor Seamus O’Cleireacain, Columbia University, New York

‘The United States and the European Union: New Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century’, A Pre-EU-US Summit Symposium, held in coordination with The German Marshall Fund

Transatlantic Relations and US Policy Goals for 2004, Beth Jones, US Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs

The Primacy of the Transatlantic Economy: The Road Ahead for the US and Europe, Joseph Quinlan, Chief Market Strategist, Investment Management Division at Bank of America; Fellow at the Center for Transatlantic Relations in Johns Hopkins University

13 October  - The Impact of US Foreign Policy on the 2004 Presidential Election, Jerry Hagstrom, National Journal.



Book Launch: An Indispensable Partnership: EU/US Relations from an Irish Perspective, launched by Mary Harney, TD, Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, and US Ambassador to Ireland, H.E. James C. Kenny

12 November - The Future of the Transatlantic Relationship, H.E. Rockwell Schnabel, US Permanent Representative to the EU

The Political Aspects of EU/US Relations, Robert Pastor, former member of the National Security Council and Professor at the American University in Washington

16 July - The US Administration’s perspective on EU/US relations, Robert A. Bradtke, US Undersecretary of State for European Affairs

9 January - Annual review of EU/US relations by Professor Seamus O’Cleireacain, Columbia University, New York



From Bad to Worse? European-American Relations in 2002-2003, Lord William Wallace, Professor of International Relations, LSE

Annual review of EU/US relations by Professor Seamus O’Cleireacain, Columbia University, New York

16 December - Current Trends in US Politics, Charles Cook, Editor of the Cook Political Report

11 June - Richard Haass, US Envoy to the Northern Ireland Peace Process

21 February - EU/US briefing, Beth Jones, US Assistant Secretary of State



18 December - Annual review of EU/US relations by Professor Seamus O’Cleireacain, Columbia University, New York



27 October - A US perspective on the WTO negotiations prior to Seattle, Nancy Adams, United States Trade Representative

23 March  - US group briefing with Stuart Krussell, Executive Director, World Affairs Council, Washington DC

10 March - American Perspectives on European Security and Defense, Lisa Bronson, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Affairs in the Pentagon



Lunch meeting with the US ambassador to Ireland H.E. Mike Sullivan

21 December - Annual review of EU/US relations by Professor Seamus O’Clereachain, Columbia University, New York

09 November - Members Dinner with Bill McDonough, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York



EU-US Trade Briefing with Mr. John Beck, DG1a, European Commission

US ambassador to Ireland, Mike Sullivan, met the group to discuss current issues in EU/US relations

Briefing on transatlantic relations with Jim Currie, Director General for Energy and Environment, European Commission

Briefing on Third Pillar issues in EU/US relations by Dermot Cole, Irish Department of Justice

Annual review of EU/US relations with Professor Seamus O’Cleireacain, Columbia University, New York

US Senator Torricelli of the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee took part in an EU/US encounter



Growth and Job Flexibility - a US perspective, Carolyn Golding, former Deputy Assistant of the US Department of Labour

Conflictive partnership a strategy for real world labour management, John Calhoun Wells, Director of the US Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

Robert Einhorn of the US State Department visited the Institute

Roundtable on the WTO meeting in Singapore, with Minister for Tourism and Trade, Enda Kenny T.D.

A two day seminar on EU/US relations, entitled: The Transatlantic Economic Agenda, was held with Richard Bruton TD, Minister for Enterprise and Employment, who delivered the keynote address on Deepening Transatlantic Economic Ties

Seminar on Ties in a Multilateral World, other participants included, William Primosch, Director, Office of EU and Regional Affairs, US State Department, Eric Hayes, Head of Unit DG I European Commission



Richard Gardner, US Ambassador to Spain visited the Institute for an exchange of views on EU/US relations



Robert Hunter, US Ambassador to NATO

Stewart Eizenstat, US Ambassador to the EU

Michael Lekson, US State Department - Irish Desk

Meeting with Catherine Day, Sir Leon Britain’s Cabinet, on EU/US relations

Meeting with Paul van Son, US desk officer for Ireland



Meeting with John Withers, US State Department

Meeting with Mrs. Jean Kennedy Smith, US Ambassador to Ireland

Meeting with Mark Tokola, US State Department. Meeting with Michael Parnley, Deputy Director US State Department 

Briefing by US Ambassador Maresca on US Security Policy



President Obama’s first year: Expectations and Results - 27 January 2010


Transatlantic Economic Council - 15 December 2010

EU-US Summit 2010 - 13 December 2010




Darragh Moriarty

Darragh Moriarty

Press Officer and Researcher darragh.moriarty@iiea.com
United States Group