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Research Areas & Staff

Germany Group

Researcher: Max Muenchmeyer

Katherine Meenan

Project Leader:
Jill Donoghue

Working group on Germany's European Policy.

This Group is Chaired by Katherine Meenan, The Project Leader is Jill Donoghue.


In 2017, the Germany group will focus on the political climate in Germany in advance of the upcoming Federal elections due to take place on 24 September 2017. The group will examine the priorities of the major political German parties and reflect on the potential effect they may have on the EU.

In light of the UK referendum, the group will continue its examination of Germany’s role in Europe and the German perspective of the future of the EU post-Brexit.
With regard to domestic policy, attention will be given to the federal elections and the issues dominating the election campaigns. The 2016 German White Paper on Defence and the Future of the Bundeswehr will also be analysed.
Previous speakers include:
Norbert Lammert, President of the German Bundestag
Daniela Schwarzer, Senior Director of Research and Director of the Europe Programme at the German Marshall Fund US

David McAllister, Member of the European Parliament and Chair of the Delegation for relations with the United States

Georg Schuette, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Judy Depsey, Nonresident Senior Associate at Carnegie Europe and Editor in Chief of Strategic Europe

Quentin Peel, Financial Times

Sebastian Plociennik, Head of the Weimar Triangle Programme, The Polish Institute of International Affairs
Ernst Hillebrand, Head of International Policy Analysis Unit, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung
Gerhard Hirschfeld, Professor of Modern and Contemporary history, University of Stuttgart
Gesche Joost, Professor for Design Research, head of Design Research lab at Berlin university of the Arts
Heiner Flassbeck, Former State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Finance
Jens Ulbrich, Chief Economist, Deutsche Bundesbank
Josef Janning, Senior Policy Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations
Klaus-Dieter Borchardt, Director, Internal Energy market, DG Energy
Peter Wehrheim, Head of Unit, Directorate General for Climate Action
Ralf Fuecks, President, Heinrich Boell Foundation
Reinmund Neugebauer, President, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Andreas Vosskuhle, President of the German Federal Constitutional Court
Angela Stanzel, Policy Fellow at the Asia and China Programme of the European Council on Foreign Relations

Benjamin Weigert, German Council of Economic Advisors
Clemens Fuest, President and Director of Science and Research at the Centre for European Economic Research, Mannheim

Eckardt Stratenschulte, Director, European Academy Berlin
Elke Koenig, President of BaFin
Gesine Loetzsch, Chair of Bundestag Budget Committee

Jan Philipp Albrecht, European Parliament Rapporteur for the EU Data Protection Regulation
Klaus Regling, Managing Director, European Stability Mechani

Michael Roth, Minister of State for European Affairs

Ottmar Edenhofer, Co-Chair, IPCC Working Group II and Deputy Director and Chief Economist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Peter Trautmann, Head of External Communications Division, Deutsche Bundesbank

Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank
David Marsh, Chair, OMFIF
H.E. Eckard Luebkemeier, Then German Ambassador to Ireland
Hans Eichel, Former German Minister of Finance
Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director and Founder, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Jochen Thies, Correspondent and head of Political Unit, Deutschlandradio Berlin

Klaus-Dieter Frankenberger, Foreign Editor, FAZ

Peter Altmaier, Minsiter for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Peter Bofinger, Member of the German Council of Economic Experts
Quentin Peel, Financial Times Associate Editor
Sabine Lautenschlaeger, Vice President of Deutsche Bundesbank

Steffen Kampeter, Parliamentary State Secretary, German Finance Ministry

Udo Helmbrecht, Executive Director, European network and Information Security Agency

Wolfgang Muenchau, Associate Editor, Financial Times
Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, German Liberal MEP
Andreas Dombret, Member of the Executive Board, Deutsche Bank
Emily Haber, Then German State Secretary in the Federal Foreign Office
David Marsh, Co-Chair of Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum
Klaus Regling, CEO of the European Financial Stability Facility

Sigmar Gabriel, Chairman of the SPD
Ulrike Guerot, Head of the Berlin Office of the European Council on Foreign Relations

Wolfgang Proissl, Chief Correspondent in Frankfurt for Financial Times Deutschland (FTD)
Axel Weber, President, Deutsche Bundesbank
Bernd Pfaffenbach, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Markus Meckel, Member of the German Bundestag and last foreign Minister of the German Democratic Republic

Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell, Member of the ECB Executive Board
Juergen Stark, Then Executive Board Member of the ECB

Hans Tietmeyer, President, Deutsche Bundesbank



Max Muenchmeyer

Max Muenchmeyer

Researcher Max@iiea.com
Germany Group