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France Group

Researcher: Cillian Moore

Joe Mulholland

About the group: The IIEA France Group is one of a number of geographical working groups within the Institute. This group analyses development of France's European policy and its implications for the European Union and for Ireland. Of particular interest to the group are elections and other political developments in France which impact the policies pursued at EU level, France’s relationship with Germany and other key partners, and France’s role in international organisations such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and NATO.


Previous speakers:


Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Development

Lara Marlowe, Paris-based foreign correspondent for The Irish Times

John O'Brennan, Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration at Maynooth University
Daniel Keohane, Senior Researcher, Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich
Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, Director Paris Office, German Marshall Fund
Pierre Haski, Journalist & Co-Founder of Rue89.com
Emmanuelle Schon-Quinlivan, Department of Government, UCC
Robert Elgie, Paddy Moriarty Professor of Government and International Studies, DCU


Professor Jean-Pierre Filiu, Professor of Middle East Studies at Sciences Po, Paris

Professor Andrew Hussey OBE, Director of the Centre of Post-Colonial Studies, University of London



Daniel Vernet, Journalist and former Editor of Le Monde

Lara Marlowe, Paris Correspondent for the Irish Times



Thomas Klau, European Council on Foreign Relations

Minister Pierre Moscovici, Minister for Finance

Senator Simon Sutour, Chair of the Senate Committee on European Affairs

Deputy Pierre Lequiller, Vice-Chair of the National Assembly Committee on European Affairs



Claude France Arnould, Chief Executive of the European Defence Agency

Pierre Morel, EU Special Representative for Central Asia

Etienne de Durand, Director at the Institut Français des Relations Internationales 


Eric Fottorino, Journalist and former Editor of Le Monde

Professor Dominique Moïsi, Senior Adviser at the Institut Français des Relations Internationales and Visiting Professor at Harvard University 



Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Former President
Pierre Lelouche, Minister for European Affairs
Francois Heisbourg, Leading Thinker on Security Isssues



Cillian Moore

Cillian Moore

Junior Researcher cillian.moore@iiea.com
France Group