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Energy Policy Group

Researcher: Paula Higgins

Luke Devoy

Eamon Ryan, Leader of the Green Party and former Minister for Energy

The IIEA Energy Policy Group provides a unique forum for leading stakeholders to discuss key policy issues and emerging trends in energy. The group aims to stimulate informed debate and analysis of the major issues shaping the European energy landscape and Ireland’s place within it. 

The IIEA priorities for 2016 on energy policy include: European Energy Union and national energy policies; energy innovation, including the impact of the internet of things, electric vehicles and integrating renewables; and changing the business model of the electric utility to accommodate distributed energy.

The Energy Policy group regularly welcomes policymakers and thought?leaders from the EU, U.S. and beyond. Members are afforded unique opportunities to network with European and international policymakers, key stakeholders from industry, multinationals and representatives from research and financial circles. The lively programme of keynote speeches, private lunches, seminars and conferences allows members to keep up to date with the latest policy developments in Brussels and around the world.

Previous speakers on energy policy include, amongst others:

Maros Sefcovic, European Commission Vice President for Energy Union;

Fatih Birol, then Chief Economist, IEA;
Diarmuid O’Connell, Vice President, Tesla Motors;
Alex Laskey, President of Opower;
Edward Lucas, Energy Editor of the Economist;
Amory Lovins, Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Institute; 
Michael Liebreich, Founder, Bloomber New Energy Finance;
Francis O’Sullivan, Director of Research, MIT Energy Initiative
Steven Chu, then US Secretary for Energy; and
Alex White, Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.



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Regional Electricity Markets in the EU

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Recent projects: 

A major international Summit on the future of energy, which was hosted in collaboration with ESB.

Max Muenchmeyer

Max Muenchmeyer

Researcher Max@iiea.com
Energy Policy Group