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Energy Policy Group

Luke Devoy

Eamon Ryan

The group is chaired by Eamon Ryan, leader of the Green Party. Diarmuid Torney is the researcher responsible for the IIEA working group on Energy Policy.  

About the Energy Group:

The group monitors developments in EU Energy Policy and provides analysis of the implications for Ireland. Regular meetings are organised with leading international and European figures providing stakeholders from Ireland with an opportunity to gain insight and to influence the direction of future policy in this area.  The group also facilitates initiatives aimed at the promotion of regional cooperation on energy issues.  In 2008, we hosted the Asia Europe Environment Forum, bringing together over 60 energy experts from Asia and Europe, in cooperation with the Asia Europe Forum.  The group is composed of leading figures in the Irish Energy community from Government, Industry, Research and Academia. The group produces regular independent authenticated information on this topic in the form of monthly newsletters and periodic publications.

The twin challenges of Climate Change and Energy Security have seen Energy issues rise to the top of the EU Policy agenda in recent years.  The development of a single European market for electricity and gas supported by a common energy policy is crucial to meeting these challenges.  A common energy policy is important for regulating the EU’s relations with third party suppliers.  The work of the IIEA energy group reflects policy priorities at the EU level and seeks to chart the direction of any future policy in this area.  The group’s research agenda looks at the following themes:  Energy Policy and EU Treaties; Energy Security; Climate Change; Internal Market and Liberalisation; Renewable Energy; Energy Efficiency

Recent speakers include:

Eamon Ryan, T.D.;

Dr. Steven Chu, United States Secretary of Energy;

Nobuo Tanaka, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA);

Dr. Kristina M. Johnson, the then United States Under-Secretary of Energy;

Dr. Fatih Birol, Chief Economist and head of Economic Analysis Division at the IEA;

Philip G. Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Tres Amigas LLC;

Padraig McManus, Chief Executive of ESB;

Professor Jonathan Stern, Director of Gas Research at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies;

Dr.  Bernard Bullkin, Chair of the Office for Renewable Energy Deployment at the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change;

Heinz Hilbrecht, Director of Security of Supply and Energy Markets at the European Commission;

Dr. Konstantin Staschus, Secretary General for ENTSO-E;

Dermot Byrne, Chief Executive of EirGrid;

Dieter Helm, Professor of energy policy at the University of Oxford;

Claude Mandil, Former Executive Director of the IEA;

Andris Piebalgs, Former EU Commissioner for Energy;

Kandeh K. Yumkella, Director of the United National Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO);

Amory Lovins, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute;

Dr. Eddie O'Connor, Chief Executive Officer of Mainstream Renewable Power and Founder of Airtricity;

Jeremy Rifkin, Chairman and Founder and President of the Foundation on Economic Trends;

Members of the group include include amongst others:


Bord Gais Eireann

Bord na Mona

Commission for Energy Regulation

EirGrid plc.


NTR plc.


Viridian Energy Ltd.


Single Market Act – Energy Taxation
- 19 May 2011



Luke Devoy

Luke Devoy

Researcher luke.devoy@iiea.com
Energy Policy Group