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Economists Group

Researcher: Tim Costello

Pat McArdle
David Croughan

About the Economists Group:

The Economists Group contains the Chief Economists from a variety of financial institutions, government departments, NGOs, the trade union movement and academia and research institutes, thereby representing most of Ireland's key stakeholders. It organises frequent private seminars where leading economists present to the group on significant issues for the economic development of the European Union. These presentations are then used as the basis for an in-depth discussion.

Recent sessions have included:

Sean Berrigan

Director of Monetary Affairs and Financial Stability at DG EcFin

Policy Responses to the Eurocrisis and Implications for Ireland


Pat McArdle,

Former Chief Economist at Ulster Bank and Chair of the Economists Group

Refinancing the Irish Bailout


Professor Dimitris Malliaropulos

Eurobanks Economic Research Advisor and Chair of the European Banking Federations Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee

The Greek Economy Three Years into the Crisis: Structural Weaknesses, Adjustment Policies, and the Way Forward


Professor John FitzGerald


Annual presentation on the budget


Lars Frisell

Director of Economics and Chief Economist at the Central Bank of Ireland

Transitioning from a currency union to a banking union – fiscal and monetary considerations


Michael McGrath

Assistant Secretary General in the Department of Finance with responsibility for EU Policy Co-ordination, Ecofin, Eurogroup and EU Strategy

Changes in European Economic Governance: Issues for the Irish Presidency


Steven Seelig

Chairperson of the Risk Management Committee and Board Member at the National Asset Management Agency

Stages of a Banking Crisis and Issues Unique to Recovery in EU Countries.


Professor Paul De Grauwe

John Paulson Chair in European Political Economy and Head of the European Institute at the London School of Economics

Dealing with Macroeconomic Imbalances and Design Problems in the EMU.


Andrew McDowell

Special Advisor to the Taoiseach

Improving Eurozone Economic Governance


John FitzGerald

Research Professor at the ESRI

The ESRI July 2013 Medium Term Forecasts


Attendance at Economists Group events is by invitation only.





Tim Costello

Tim Costello

Junior Researcher tim.costello@iiea.com
Economists Group