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Economics and Finance

Researcher: Tim Costello

About the Economics and Finance lecture series

The IIEA’s front of house Economics and Finance lecture series features high profile keynote addresses and seminars on a variety of important economic policy themes, including the future of Economic and Monetary Union, the macroeconomic implications of Brexit, regulation, economic governance and international political economy. Previous speakers include Jean Claude Trichet, then President of the European Central Bank (ECB); Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF); Pierre Moscovici, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs; Lawrence Summers, Professor of Economics at Harvard University; and Wolfgang Münchau, Associate Editor of the Financial Times.


Previous speakers



Michael Noonan T.D, Minister for Finance – Inclusive Growth: Recommendations for Ireland and Europe

Niels Thygesen, Chair, European Fiscal Board  -  Making the Euro Area More Robust

Paul De Grauwe, Chair in European Political Economy, LSE – Future of the Euro Area

Andrew McDowell, Vice President, European Investment Bank – Addressing Europe’s Investment Gap

Sabine Lautenschläger, Executive Board Member, ECB – Walled Off? Banking Regulation After the Crisis

Economic Regulators Seminar – Spotlight on the Regulators

Sherman Katz, Senior Advisor, Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress – Trump Trade Policy

Sayuri Shirai, Professor, Keio University – Lessons from Unconventional Monetary Policy

Kevin Toland, Chief Executive, daa – Connecting Ireland to the World




Philip R Lane, Governor, Central Bank of Ireland – Macro-Financial Perspectives on the Irish Economy

Cyril Roux, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Ireland – Perspectives on Financial Regulation in Ireland

Nathan Sheets, Under Secretary for International Affairs, US Department of the Treasury – Ongoing Global Regulatory Reform

Nicolas Véron, Senior Fellow, Bruegel – The Changing Outlook for Europe after the UK Leave Vote

Catherine Day, Special Adviser to the President of the European Commission – The Role of Regulation in the European Architecture

John Kay, Visiting Professor of Economics, LSE – What Next for the Global Economy?

Marco Buti, Director General for Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission – Achieving the Optimal Policy Mix in the Eurozone

Jean Lemierre, Group Chairman, BNP Paribas - The Evolving Regulatory Regime in Europe

Lord Adair Turner, Chairman, Institute for New Economic Thinking – The Case for Monetary Finance



More Economics and Finance videos available here.