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The Institute’s Energy Group focuses on critical issues concerning the ongoing low-carbon energy transition analysing topics such as: decarbonisation, renewable energy sources, energy security, and energy efficiency. The Group also monitors energy policy developments on global, European, and domestic levels.

11th February 2020

European Climate Strategy and The Green New Deal

A keynote address on the topic of the European Climate Strategy and the Green Deal.
13th November 2019

Marine Energy: News from the North

In his keynote address, Neil Kermode demonstrates how the alchemy of turning seawater into electricity has finally been proven to be both predictable and achievable. Mr Kermode provides a personal perspective on the potential of marine energy to tackle climate issues and develop a new economy for the 21st century.
25th October 2019

Can the EU “Green” the Global Financial System?

The EU is committed to becoming a global leader in green finance and taking steps to protect the financial system from climate risk. It is determined to export its regulatory approach across the globe but faces challenges and limitations in this pursuit. The European Commission established a Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance in 2018 to improve the flow of information among financial market actors. While, overall, the Expert Group has made a promising start in its approach to addressing climate risks and promoting green finance, its approach has been criticized for lacking nuance, particularly when it comes to its binary classification of assets and sectors of the economy as either ‘green’ or ‘brown’. These critiques are important to consider if the EU is to successfully export its approach globally.
8th October 2019

A Climate-Neutral Europe: A Race that We Can Win?

Commission President-elect, Ursula von der Leyen, has argued that the question of climate action is a moral, human and political obligation. She has made climate action a core element of her ‘Agenda for Europe’.
4th July 2019

Hydrogen: The Future of Clean Energy?

This event explores the role and potential of hydrogen the transition to a low carbon economy.
2nd July 2019

Recalibrating Ireland’s NECP

On 18 June 2019, the European Commission presented its assessment of all Member States’ draft NECPs collectively, and issued recommendations to each Member State individually.
23rd May 2019

Smart Networks for the Energy Transition

Professor Nikos Hatziargyriou explores the use of digital innovation to prepare Europe’s energy network for a low-carbon future.
16th May 2019

Thinking Ahead: The EU’s Long-Term Climate Strategy

The Director General for Climate Action outlines the European Commission’s proposals for carbon neutrality by 2050.

energy Publications

2nd April 2019

One Step Forward, One Step Back Again: Assessing the Consequences of Three Decades’ Climate Gridlock in the US

This IIEA report reviews three decades of US Federal climate “gridlock” and estimates the damage caused to the global economy from “unnecessary” greenhouse gas emissions. 
2nd October 2018

Ireland’s Energy and Climate Plan: Consolidation, Cohesion, Consultation

It has been well-documented that Ireland is unlikely to meet its 2020 climate and energy targets. To meet the country’s 2030 targets, an ambitious, but realistic, climate and energy roadmap is needed now.

energy Past Events

11th April 2019

Powering a Green Future

Mr Rynning-Tønnesen examines the challenges and opportunities for utilities in light of increased dependence on the renewable energy industry.
25th March 2019

Covering Climate – Where to Now?

Matt McGrath examines media coverage of climate change, highlighting major changes that are taking place in reporting the causes, impacts and scale of rising temperatures.
29th November 2018

A Carbon Tax That Works for Citizens

Joseph Curtin assessed how a rapidly increasing carbon tax might be implemented in Ireland.
29th November 2018

Connecting Europe: Securing Supply and Sustainability

Dirk Beckers discussed the Connecting Europe Facility, a €30 billion fund that designates and provides funding to Projects of Common Interest (PICs), major infrastructure projects in the European Union.
13th November 2018

Global Energy Challenges

Ernest Moniz outlined the biggest challenges in the energy sector and identified opportunities as the world moves to a multitrillion dollar clean energy economy