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9th March 2018

Power Transfer 2030: The Pace, Democracy and Diversity of Power System Decarbonisation

Policy brief launch ‘Power Transfer 2030: The Pace, Democracy and Diversity of Power System Decarbonisation’ the speakers led a discussion on the future of Ireland’s electricity sector.
7th March 2018

Behind Renewable Energy Fines

Are large fines looming if Ireland does not achieve its binding European renewable energy targets? Interinstitutional trilogue negotiations on two key pieces of legislation, which commenced in Brussels in late February 2018, should be watched closely.
8th December 2017

What Consumers Want: 10 Key Lessons from the IIEA/ESB Energy Conference     

The IIEA and ESB hosted Take Charge – Together Towards a Low Carbon Future, a major international conference on a consumer-driven energy future, on 23 November 2017. Over 300 delegates attended and listened to the speakers’ insights on how consumers could be effectively encouraged and engaged in making the vision of a low carbon future a reality. Here are our 10 takeaways.
28th November 2017

The Future of Sustainable Biofuels in Europe: Part of the Solution Not Part of the Problem?

The speakers from UCC and Ethanol Europe Renewables, led a discussion on the uncertain future faced by biofuels in Europe within the context of ongoing EU negotiations.
23rd November 2017

Take Charge – Together Towards a Low Carbon Future

A major international conference from the IIEA and ESB on a consumer-driven energy future which happened on 23 November 2017 at the Round Room adjacent to the Mansion House, Dublin.
7th November 2017

Tuning into Energy 2060

In his keynote address to the IIEA, Dr Frei explored the future of the global energy sector.
3rd November 2017

Programme Released: Take Charge-Together Towards a Low Carbon Future

ESB and the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) are delighted to announce the release of the programme for the upcoming Take Charge Conference.
3rd October 2017

IIEA Presentation to Citizen’s Assembly on Climate Change

IIEA Senior Fellow, Joseph Curtin, presented to the Citizen’s Assembly on Saturday, 30 October 2017 on the topic of How Ireland Can Become a Leader on Climate Change.

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20th July 2017

Shared Mobility as a key instrument for better Quality of Urban Life

In his keynote address, Mr. Viegas discussed the main mobility-related problems affecting quality of urban life and proposed a new approach to address these challenges, taking advantage of the possibilities opened by digital connectivity. He showed how ride sharing can play a key role in addressing congestion, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, parking, car use and car ownership. He focused in particular on lessons learned on the International Transport Forum simulations that have been run in Lisbon in which buses and cars were replaced by different types of shared vehicles. Finally, he discussed the potential application of ride sharing in Dublin.
7th July 2017

Take Charge! – Together Towards a Low Carbon Future

An upcoming conference, hosted by the IIEA and ESB will explore the new and active role of the consumer in building a low carbon energy future.
5th May 2017

Electricity Industry Perspectives on the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” Package

In this presentation, Dr Fergal McNamara gave the reaction of the electricity industry to the “Clean Energy for All Europeans” package, with special emphasis on Distribution System Operator (DSO) viewpoints. EURELECTRIC is the sector association which represents over 2,700 DSOs, retailers and generators across Europe in public affairs matters in Brussels. 
27th March 2017

Beyond Moore’s law: disruptive technology, opportunities and policy challenges

Since 1965 Moore’s law – the axiom that the number of transistors per square inch of an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years – has held firm. In that time it has fuelled many of the world’s greatest scientific breakthroughs.
13th February 2017

Dialogue on the IPCC 5th Assessment Report

In this event, Dr Lee discussed the IPCC’s most recent output, the 5th Assessment Report, which aims to provide a clear and up to date view of the current state of scientific knowledge on climate change.