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16th January 2018

Mario Centeno becomes Eurogroup President: What does this mean for EMU?

On Saturday, 13 January, Mario Centeno, Portugal’s Finance Minister became Eurogroup President. What will his Presidency mean for the future of the Eurozone?
5th January 2018

Brexit Brief 33

On 20 December 2017, the European Commission published its Recommendation for a Council decision on the opening of the next phase of negotiations with the United Kingdom. Issue 33 of the IIEA Brexit Brief highlights the important points from the Commission document, and notes relevant developments in Ireland, the UK and the rest of the EU.
20th December 2017

Brexit Brief 32

The European Council on 15 December 2017 declared that ‘sufficient progress’ had been made in the Brexit negotiations for the talks to move to Phase Two. This phase will focus on the critically important topics of the UK’s transitional arrangements, as well as the framework for the future relationship. Issue 32 of the Brexit Brief describes the latest developments in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, as well as reactions from Ireland, the UK and the rest of the EU.
20th December 2017

EU guidelines for Phase Two of Brexit talks: Good news for Ireland?

The EU’s Brexit Phase Two negotiating guidelines aim to maintain an arrangement close to the status quo for at least two years.
15th December 2017

European Council declares sufficient progress in Brexit talks

The European Council has authorised the opening of the second phase of negotiations in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. This blog outlines the agreements reached in Phase One of the UK’s EU withdrawal, as well as some of the unresolved issues for the next stages of the negotiations.