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10th August 2018

SAVE THE DATE – Creative Responses to Climate Change: A Marketplace for Ideas

Taking place in Dublin on Monday 5 November 2018, ‘Creative Responses to Climate Change: A Marketplace for Ideas’ will provide a space for dialogue, information-sharing and creativity
7th August 2018

The Reallocation of the UK’s European Parliament Seats: A Brexit Dividend for Ireland?

This briefing analyses the redistribution of the UK’s European Parliament seats and shows that, proportionally, Ireland will gain most from this reallocation.
1st August 2018

The Chess-player and the Kickboxer

On 26 June 2018, Ministers for European Affairs of EU Member States met and formally held a hearing under Article 7 (1) Treaty on European Union (TEU) to discuss ongoing rule of law issues in Poland.
13th July 2018

The UK white paper on the future relationship with the EU

On Thursday, 12 July, the UK released its White Paper outlining the UK’s desired terms for the future relationship. This blog outlines the structure of the proposal and examines the proposed economic partnership.
29th June 2018

France and Germany on Eurozone Reform, From ‘Discretion v. Rules’ to ‘Centralisation v. Inter-governmentalism’.

At the Euro Summit today, Friday 29 June, Leaders of Eurozone countries will discuss the proposed programme of limited reforms agreed by Germany and France at a recent bilateral meeting. It is important for countries such as Ireland to understand changes in the approach of both countries to EMU reform since the crisis.