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17th April 2019

Ask the IIEA: What is the EU Doing about Climate Change?

This explainer outlines what steps have been taken by the EU and EU Member States to address the challenges of climate change. It also examines how EU climate policy is governed and sets out the timelines for further action.
17th April 2019

Brexit Brief 62

Issue 62 of the Brexit Brief notes the current state of play in the Brexit debate and collates relevant news from Ireland, the UK and the rest of the E
12th April 2019

Brexit: State of Play Update

The UK and EU have agreed to a ‘flexible’ extension until 31 October 2019. Achieving a domestic consensus on the terms of the UK’s departure, however, continues to present significant challenges to Prime Minister May.
11th April 2019

Changing the guard: What are the key upcoming changes in Brussels?

This explainer takes you through the key upcoming changes to the European Parliament, European Commission and the European Council from May to November 2019.
4th April 2019

Ask the IIEA: How does the EU plan to spend your money?

This explainer examines the structure and content of the European Commisison’s budget proposal, the current state of play in negotiations and the implications for Ireland.