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12th February 2019

Climate Risks: Can the Central Bank Manage Them Effectively?

In a welcome sign that concern about climate change is being mainstreamed across the body politic, Prof. Philip Lane, Governor of the Irish Central Bank, made a significant contribution to the debate on 5 February 2019.
8th February 2019

EU Explorer: Mapping the Future of Europe

The EU Explorer is a new interactive tool, created by the IIEA as part of our Future of the EU27 project. This interactive country profile map was developed to build an understanding of the wide variety of views and policy positions across EU Member States.
25th January 2019

Pragmatism over Purism: How to design a Carbon Tax to Win Political and Social Support

Joseph Curtin argues that “strategic revenue recycling” can help build constituencies supportive of a carbon tax. Ultimately, pragmatism should trump purism: the key is getting a pricing solution over the line.
20th December 2018

Brexit: The State of Play

This briefing analyses the options under consideration in the Brexit debate and provides an update on the status of the meaningful vote ahead of the January deadline
3rd December 2018

The Paris Climate Agreement versus the Trump Effect: Countervailing Forces for Decarbonisation

In this publication, IIEA Senior Fellow Joseph Curtin argues that the “Trump Effect” has created a powerful countervailing force acting against the momentum which the Paris Agreement on climate change hoped to generate.