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9th October 2019

Evolving Hybrid Threats: Charting a New Course for Security

Half-way through its rotating six-month term in 2019, the Finnish Presidency has advanced a more strategic discussion on the future of European defence and digital disruption in the field.
9th October 2019

Brexit Brief 72

Issue 72 of the Brexit Brief notes the current state of play in the Brexit debate and collates relevant news from Ireland, the UK and the rest of the EU.
27th September 2019

The UK Supreme Court ruling: what does it mean for Brexit?

This blog examines the Supreme Court ruling that the Prime Minister’s decision to advise the Queen to prorogue the UK Parliament was unlawful. It also discusses the consequences and next steps ahead of the 31 October Brexit deadline.
27th September 2019

EU27 Bulletin 23-27 September

This is the fourth in a series of updates outlining key developments which have taken place across the EU institutions. Each week, the EU27 Bulletin will update you on institutional proposals, major policy speeches by EU leaders and decisions adopted by EU institutions. We also look ahead to what developments may emerge over the coming week.
26th September 2019

Communicating the ECB

Christine Lagarde’s commitment to improving communication with EU citizens as ECB President forms part of an emerging trend among the ECB Governing Council, and in the EU institutions more broadly.