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16th October 2018

Bavarian Election Brief

On Sunday, 14 October 2018, elections were held in Bavaria. This election saw a momentous shift in the politics of Bavaria, which reflected trends at the federal level, but which may have a profound impact on politics in Berlin in the future. This policy brief examines the results of the elections and their implications for Bavaria and Berlin.
9th October 2018

Romania’s Family Referendum: Anti-Western Vibes and Demographic Angst

This is the first in a series of analytical blogs examining the rise of populist movements and challenges to the liberal order across Europe today. This blog focuses on the alarming wave of anti-Western rhetoric which surged in Romania throughout the recent referendum campaign on whether to amend the Constitution to redefine marriage and the family as “a union between a man and a woman.”
3rd October 2018

California Dreamin’ of the EU’s climate strategy

In this climate policy blog, Joseph Curtin, IIEA Senior Research Fellow, examines how California’s climate performance would fare under the EU’s climate policy framework, and whether it would hold up under the microscope of closer inspection
14th September 2018

President Juncker’s Vision for a Unified and Self-Reliant European Union

This blog looks at the proposals put forward in President Jean-Claude Juncker’s final State of the Union address and what they may mean for Ireland.
4th September 2018

Call for Projects: Creative Solutions to Climate Change

Applications are now invited for a showcase of innovative solutions to climate change from all disciplines. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to present their project at a major international conference.