The IIEA provides members with policy insights, analysis and context to help shape vital decisions about Ireland’s strategic direction, policies and future.

Our role is to identify key European and international trends and priorities, which will inform the work of Ireland’s business leaders and decision makers.

Sharing Ideas and Shaping Policy

The IIEA’s unique convening power places the Institute at the centre of thought leadership in Ireland. The Institute brings together an extensive network of key players to share knowledge and insight from varied points of view.

Institute members support and contribute to the work of the Institute. By supporting the IIEA’s work to share ideas and shape policy, Institute members acknowledge the importance and relevance of our work, both for business and for the public interest. As part of a broader European and international network, the IIEA plays a central role defining Ireland’s position in Europe and the world.

The IIEA’s reputation for independence and public policy expertise attracts the highest level speakers, decision makers, and thought leaders at national, EU and global level.

The Institute’s working groups and research programme ensures that key international political developments and policy discussions are on the agenda in Ireland. Our Speaker Series brings high profile speakers from around the world to the Institute.

With over 100 speaker events per year the Institute’s complementary research and event programmes equip members with a comprehensive understanding of the debates that will define national, European and international policy.

Speakers at the Institute regularly include Irish Government Ministers, Foreign Affairs Ministers visiting Ireland, European Union Commissioners, leaders of International organisations and academics, among many others. Recent notable addresses have been given by: Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, France, Robert Watt, Secretary General Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, The Right Hon Dominic Grieve QC, Former Attorney General for England and Wales and Advocate General for Northern Ireland, Catherine Day, Former Secretary-General of the European Commission, Paschal Donohoe, T.D., Minister for Finance and Public Expenditure and Reform, Verena Ross, Executive Director of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), Mairead McGuinness, First Vice President of the European Parliament, Sharon Donnery, Deputy Governor and Ed Sibley, Deputy Governor, Prudential Regulation, Central Bank of Ireland among many others.

There are several categories of Institute membership. To join the IIEA please contact Fiona O’Sullivan at or call +353 (0)1 874 6756

  • Foundation Membership
  • Corporate Membership
  • Brexit Hub Membership
  • Start Up & Non-Profit Membership
  • Embassy & Consulate Membership
Foundation Membership

Foundation Members form the core of the Institute from both a financial and a strategic perspective.

Organisations who are members of the Institute at this level recognise that Ireland needs an independent think tank, which forms a bridge between policy makers and the private sector.

Their support allows us to provide a forum where stakeholders from a wide spectrum of professions and business sectors can network with decision makers and benefit from the IIEA as a resource for up to date information and strategic analysis of European and international affairs.

Foundation members enjoy the same benefits as Corporate Members, and a number of additional benefits:

8 Invitations for senior staff to attend select high level events at the Institute, including lunches, dinners and seminars with speakers addressing the Institute

4 Exclusive Foundation Members Lunches per annum

Entitlement of your organisation’s staff to attend IIEA in-house events

Briefing by IIEA research staff on issues of relevance to your organisation, providing policy analysis & insight

Access to all IIEA publications, reports, and briefings

Be part of the Institute’s work to share ideas and shape policy, by engaging with the Institute’s research working groups to present issues of relevance to your organisation

Opportunity to be sole sponsor of an IIEA event, a lecture series, a lunch, or a publication on a research area of particular interest to your organisation. Sponsorship packages include co-branding of the event, input in event organisation and promotion; opportunity for a speaker from your organisation to participate in the event

Annual meeting with the Director General and/or Chairperson to discuss issues of importance to your organisation, and share updates on the Institute’s research agenda and events programme

Rate: €15,000 per annum

The support of Foundation and Corporate Members is acknowledged on our website, and in our Annual Report.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Members of the IIEA benefit from engagement with our research work and events programme.

This level of membership is for organisations that recognise international and European affairs as centrally important to the advancement of both their business, and Ireland’s international position; and for organisations wishing to further their knowledge of the international and European dimension of key policy areas.

As a Corporate Member you will be afforded the opportunity to share expertise, exchange opinions, and discuss pressing issues with key stakeholders, major policy makers, and opinion influencers.

4 Invitations for senior staff to attend select high level events at the Institute, including lunches, dinners and seminars with speakers addressing the Institute.

Entitlement of your organisation’s staff to attend IIEA in-house events

Opportunity for your staff to develop expertise in key policy areas of interest to your organisation

Briefing by IIEA research staff on issues of relevance to your organisation, providing policy analysis & insight

Opportunity to co-sponsor events, lecture series or lunches with high level guests

Access to all IIEA publications, reports, and briefings

Rate: €7,000 per annum

Brexit Hub Membership

The IIEA Brexit Hub brings together key stakeholders impacted by the UK decision to leave the EU, to share knowledge and develop relationships. The IIEA Brexit Hub maximises the Institute’s capacity to bring together an extensive network of key players to share knowledge and insights from varied points of view. In addition, the multidimensional nature of the Institute’s policy groups provide a rich source of expertise, which can be leveraged to address the multifaceted nature of the challenges rasied by Brexit.

On joining the IIEA Brexit Hub members will benefit from direct access to Hub research, a tailored and regular set of invitations to IIEA speaker events, and invitations to exclusive Hub Members’ events.

The IIEA is uniquely positioned in Ireland, bringing together actors from the political world, the public sector, businesses, professions and diplomatic circles. Hub members will receive on an annual basis:

Invitation to 6 Brexit Hub events with external speakers, providing in depth knowledge on negotiation process

2 Brexit briefings by an IIEA expert for board or management team meetings, or at a client event

Opportunity to sponsor a public event with the IIEA Brexit Hub

Select invitations to lunches with relevant high profile speakers

Monthly discussion with Brexit Hub team to share updates on speaker events, publications, and meetings, to identify current issues and align needs

Invitation to 3 IIEA policy roundtables with public servants, politicians and business leaders on key issues

The IIEA is at the forefront of research in Ireland, regularly publishing informed briefings on a wide ranging set of topics. Hub members will receive:

Monthly Brexit Briefing mapping Brexit scenario assumptions updated regularly

Quarterly Policy Brief on Key Issues for Ireland & Brexit

Quarterly economic analysis of Brexit issues by Dan O’Brien, IIEA Chief Economist, in Powerpoint format

The Brexit Hub is part of the IIEA’s core work. As such, Hub members benefit from all membership features and the opportunity to have two meetings a year with IIEA Director General to assess progress and value.

Start Up & Non-Profit Membership

This level of membership allows start-ups in the first year of their development, or non-profit organisations, to avail of IIEA insights and analysis, through attendance at events, and access to IIEA research and publications.

Benefits include:

Entitlement of 2 members of staff to attend keynote events at the Institute and invitations to relevant roundtable briefings

Access to all IIEA publications, reports, and briefings

Entitlement to attend a specific working group of interest on the invitation of the relevant chair

Young members of your organisation may participate in a Young Professionals Network, which meets after working hours, and enables members to network with their peers and to benefit from discussions with academics, politicians and thought leaders

Rate: POA

Embassy & Consulate Membership

Embassy & Consulate Membership is for members of the Diplomatic community based in Ireland.

Over the years the IIEA has developed long standing relationships with the Embassies and Consulates in Dublin. We regularly work with our Embassy and Consulate members to develop joint eve

Benefits include:

Entitlement of Ambassador and 2 members of staff to attend events at the Institute

A platform to profile your country or an issue of particular interest to your country through co-hosting of events

Access to all IIEA publications, reports, and briefings

An opportunity to organise expert briefings at the IIEA for visiting dignitaries, politicians or government officials

Rate: €750 per annum