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12th March 2019

Ireland’s Role in Peacekeeping

In his address to the IIEA, Major General Beary discusses Ireland’s significant contribution to regional stability and peace in light of its 60-year record of UN peacekeeping service.
5th March 2019

Russia, China and World Order

Dr Bobo Lo addresses the perceived threat that China and Russia pose to the world order, addressing the individual agendas and priorities of the two states.
28th February 2019

The EU’s re-engagement with the Western Balkans: A new chapter long overdue?

In his address to the IIEA, Erwan Fouéré presents his latest paper on EU enlargement in the Western Balkans.
20th February 2019

EU Strategic Autonomy: Filling the Gaps : A New Momentum for Common Security and Defence Policy

This policy brief examines the accelerated development of Common Security and Defence policy in the two years following the publication of the ‘EU Global Strategy’, which has resulted in closer cooperation on security and defence issues.
5th February 2019

Paris and the Resilience Approach to Cities

Sébastien Maire focuses on a number of initiatives to address some of the physical, social and economic challenges in Paris. He highlights how this new vision of more holistic public policy design and implementation is more efficient and relevant, both from a political and administrative perspective.
30th January 2019

Paris and the Resilience Approach to Cities

Sébastien Maire will focus on a number of initiatives to address some of the physical, social and economic challenges in Paris. He will highlight how this new vision of more holistic public policy design and implementation is more efficient and relevant, both from a political and administrative perspective.
12th December 2018

Launch of the Global Terrorism Index 2018: Global Trends in Terrorism

Serge Stroobants presented the Institute for Economics and Peace Global Terrorism Index 2018. Professor Andrew Silke, Chair in Terrorism, Risk and Resilience at the Cranfield Forensic Institute delivered the keynote address.
5th December 2018

New Developments in European Security and Defence Cooperation

Pedro Serrano reflected on recent developments in European security and defence and provided a future perspective on European defence cooperation and partnership.

Security & Defence Publications

23rd June 2017

Enhancing Cooperation – German Attitudes Towards European Security and Defence Policy

This discussion paper by the Institute’s Germany Group provides a snapshot of German views on the highly pertinent topic of European security and defence policy. It reveals that the current German government has taken a very careful approach in seeking to reconcile its firm commitment to further European integration with the politically very sensitive topic of increasing military expenditure. For Germany, strategic bilateral and minilateral relationships within Europe may be key in sustaining the momentum in this policy area. Looking ahead to the German Federal Elections, which will take place on 24 September 2017, the paper also examines the views of Germany’s main opposition parties.
16th January 2017

Finding Our Bearings: European Security Challenges in the Era of Trump and Brexit

The conventional view of Europe as a zone of peace, already shaken by Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, was further challenged by two generally unanticipated events in 2016: the referendum in the United Kingdom on 23 June to withdraw from the European Union and the election on 8 November of Donald Trump as President of the United States. This paper attempts to discern the direction of international security policy in 2017 and to set out the challenges for European security, and their implications for Ireland.
7th December 2015

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: European Security – Autumn 2015

Over the past three months, the EU has seen several significant developments in the broad field of European security. In this paper, Patrick Keatinge reflects on the developments in the Ukraine crisis and the Arab winter, and examines the European Union’s response to both of these situations. The author goes on to look at the implications of these developments for Ireland and for the EU as a whole.
30th July 2015

National Survey Analysis

Leadership in climate-smart agriculture to bring benefits for Ireland say experts and stakeholders. Under the Auspices of the IIEA/RDS Leadership Forum on Climate Smart Agriculture, we conducted a survey of over 1,500 national experts and stakeholders exploring attitudes to Irish Leadership on climate-smart agriculture. Written by IIEA Senior Research Fellow Joseph Curtin.
17th July 2012

European Security in the 21st Century: The EU’s Comprehensive Approach

Written by Linda Barry 17 July 2012 Under its comprehensive approach to crisis management the EU takes a holistic view of a (potential) crisis situation and recognises that an effective, sustainable solution can only be achieved by using the full range of civilian and military instruments at its disposal. This paper considers how the EU institutions have been adapted by the Lisbon Treaty to facilitate the implementation of the comprehensive approach. It demonstrates that this is a work in progress and that the operational aspects currently lag behind conceptual developments. It examines the implications for Ireland and concludes that the comprehensive approach creates an opportunity for Ireland to be at the centre of the Union’s response to the complex security threats of the 21st century in a manner that respects the country’s particular strengths and values. This paper forms part of a series of fact sheets and briefing papers on specific aspects of European security and defence policy. An introduction to the project was published by the IIEA in April 2012, offering a broad outline of the policy sector as a whole. This paper focuses specifically on the comprehensive approach in the context of the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy. It is written by Linda Barry, IIEA researcher for Security and Defence Policy and the Future of Europe.

Security & Defence Past Events

30th October 2018

President Trump’s Ambivalence Towards NATO and its Implications for European Security 

The election of President Trump has cast considerable doubt on the traditional dynamics of transatlantic relations, in particular on US NATO membership. Ms Dempsey discussed the implications for European security.
18th October 2018

EU External Relations in an Age of Great Powers

Dr. Sven Biscop evaluated the role of EU foreign and strategic power in the current multilateral order in light of recent international developments.
15th October 2018

The Empty Throne: America’s Abdication of Global Leadership

Ambassador Daalder argued that the United States’ post-war commitment to global engagement was essential to bringing decades of peace. He analysed recent shifts in US foreign policy, and its implications for global alliances.
24th September 2018

The Future of a Global Privacy Framework

In her address to the IIEA, Julie Brill dicussed how policy makers can empower consumers to control their own data while promoting interoperable frameworks that enable businesses to operate globally.
5th July 2018

Counter-Terrorism Cooperation: Achievements and Challenges

In his address to the IIEA, Gilles de Kerchove discussed the achievements to date and the challenges that lie ahead as Europe continues to grapple with a significant terrorist threat.