Power Transfer 2030: The Pace, Democracy and Diversity of Power System Decarbonisation

Policy brief launch: the speakers will lead a discussion on the future of Ireland’s electricity sector
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Joseph Curtin with Eamonn Confrey & Dara Lynott, Senior Fellow, IIEA; Principal Officer, Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment; CEO, Electricity Association of Ireland

Power Transfer 2030: The Pace, Democracy and Diversity of Power System Decarbonisation

February 27 | 12:45 pm - 2:30 pm

About the Speech:

The deployment of wind energy has been the biggest success story of Ireland’s decarbonisation thus far, with approximately 26% of electricity generated coming from this source in 2017.  This is only the end of the beginning—a good foundation for the ultimate objective of complete power system decarbonisation. This policy brief assesses recent developments with a view to contributing to the debate on the power shift that will occur in the period to 2030. It focuses on three areas of potential divergence between policymakers, experts and the public, pace, democracy and diversity. That is, how fast the power system should decarbonise; the extent to which citizens and communities should generate their own electricity; and the role for different technologies as part of the power mix.

This research was funded by NTR Foundation and Friends of the Earth.


About the Speakers:

Joseph Curtin is Senior Fellow at the IIEA with a focus on climate policy; Eamonn Confrey is Principal Officer in Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment  with responsibility for electricity policy; and Dara Lynott is the newly-appointed CEO of the Electricity Association of Ireland.

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