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IIEA21st February 20191min

 Following a decision taken at a meeting of the IIEA Board on Thursday 21 February 2019, Dr Donal de Buitléir will continue in the role of Acting Director General while IIEA DG Barry Andrews will remain on a leave of absence.

Dr Donal de Buitléir has been appointed as Acting Director General of the Institute of International and European Affairs, effective from January 1st 2019. Donal is Chairman of the Low Pay Commission. He was a Board Member of the Health Services Executive 2005-09. Previously he worked in AIB Group and in the Irish public service. He was Secretary to the Commission on Taxation 1980-85. He was a member of a number of Government reviews in the areas of local government reform, integration of tax and welfare, business regulation, health funding and higher education. He is an Eisenhower Fellow.

IIEA4th September 20182min

Sean Cromien, who has passed away at the age of 89, will be remembered with great respect in the IIEA as a major public servant, and an affable individual, who played a highly significant part in the early development of the Institute.

At an early stage in the preparation of an initial Work Programme a number of subjects were identified – Political Union, EMU and the Common Agricultural Policy – and attention turned to working methods and to ensuring appropriate membership of working groups. The tricky question arose of involving civil servants in meetings attended by politicians.

Those leading the working groups on the three initial subjects, to which a fourth- Social Europe – was added, argued strongly that, from the outset, the Institute should seek to provide a forum within which politicians, civil servants, academics and those from all sides of civil society could openly discuss important topics in complete confidentiality.  It was agreed that this objective should be pursued as a matter of urgency, following the example of the Chatham House think-tank in London, by adopting a version of the long established ‘Chatham House Rule’ which ensured confidentiality by providing that information gained in IEA events could be used but with no attribution either to individuals or to location.

This move provided the basis for an endorsement campaign within the public service which resulted in a high level of support in the senior ranks of the Civil Service.  Minutes of the Institute Organisation Committee recorded personal endorsements from Noel Dorr  (Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs) and Sean Cromien (Secretary of the Department of Finance).

No more significant endorsements could have been hoped for by the founding group and, immediately, the Institute working groups on Political Union and EMU approached the two Secretaries on the issue of direct civil service involvement in their debates and discussions. They responded at once, agreeing to experts from their Departments assisting the Institute’s work and going further by securing an overall agreement by all Departmental Secretaries to facilitate civil service involvement in the Institute Work Programme.

They then moved to ensure Ministerial awareness and sympathy for the arrangement by drafting a submission from the group of Secretaries to the Taoiseach, Charles Haughey, which he endorsed.   Sight of this notable signature gave the Institute a most important stimulus in developing its work and working methods.   Sean Cromien and Noel Dorr were honoured guests of the Institute at its official Launch in April 1991 and both became Life Members of the Institute.   The significant role of the group of Secretaries was recognised by establishing an annual Institute Secretaries Lunch.

Sean Cromien retired from the Department of Finance in 1994 and remained active in public life, including a period as Director of the National Library.   Widely recognised as a keen naturalist, he enjoyed a term as President of Dublin Zoo. He was elected to the Royal Irish Academy in 2006.   In 1987, the IPA published ‘Managing Public Money’, co-authored with Aidan Pender.

IIEA23rd July 20182min

The sad news that Martin O’Donoghue had died was heard with particular emotion in the Institute of International and European Affairs where, quite apart from his warm personal relations and friendship with many IIEA colleagues, he was respected for his significant contribution to the Institute in creating and leading the Institute’s Economists Group.

IIEA22nd January 20182min

A new national debate on the future of the EU27 has been launched by the Irish Government. Contributions to this debate have been made by leading European figures, by EU Member States, and by the EU Institutions and Irish people have been called upon to discuss their own visions for the future of the EU.  

IIEA8th January 20183min

Peter Sutherland will be remembered as a man of many talents which were all put to use across a long life, in different careers and across the globe, with a dazzling brilliance that was extraordinary for its breadth and longevity.