IIEA17th September 20201min

The latest round of EU-UK negotiations took place in London, between Tuesday, 8 September and Thursday, 10 September 2020, and while the two sides noted ‘useful exchanges’, there was limited progress noted on the most difficult issues for the talks. Ultimately, the negotiations themselves were heavily overshadowed by the introduction of the UK Government’s Internal Market Bill on Wednesday, 9 September 2020.

IIEA24th August 20206min

On 20 July 2020, Achim Steiner, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, gave an address to the IIEA. This briefing summarises many of the concerns that the UNDP has in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential for an economic recession. It also outlines how the UNDP is working with countries around the world to develop strategic responses to the impacts of the pandemic.

IIEA20th July 20208min

Germany holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU and the Presidency of the North Seas Energy Cooperation for the remainder of 2020. It is using these platforms to promote the abundant potential of offshore wind energy in Europe. The next six months present an opportunity for Germany to steer the EU towards advancing the European Green Deal through the development of offshore technologies and the provision of finance opportunities for offshore wind projects.