EU27 Past Events

Professor John O’Brennan, Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration and Director of the Maynooth Centre for European and Eurasian Studies. Pat Kelly, Director of the Enlargement and Western Balkans Unit in the EU Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
IIEA9th December 20191min

Professor John O’Brennan (Maynooth University) and Pat Kelly (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) discuss recent developments in the debate on EU enlargement to the Western Balkans.

Danuta Hübner MEP - Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs in the European Parliament
IIEA1st July 20191min

As the newly elected European Parliament prepares to take office on 2 July 2019, Professor Hübner outlines the contribution of the European Parliament to the EU’s new Strategic Agenda for 2019 to 2024. Recently re-elected to the Parliament, Professor Hübner offers a wide ranging outlook on the issues that she considers will come to the fore during the European Parliament’s ninth parliamentary term.

About the Speaker

Professor Hübner MEP, has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2009. She holds a number of influential roles in the Parliament, including Chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) and member of the Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group. She is also a member of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. Prior to this, from 2004 to 2009, Professor Hübner served as Commissioner for Regional Policy, making her Poland’s first ever European Commissioner. Professor Hübner began her political career in the Polish Government, where she held a number of positions including Minister for European Affairs.  Professor Hübner obtained a PhD from the Warsaw School of Economics.

Marie De Somer, Head of the Migration and Diversity Programme at the European Policy Centre
IIEA4th June 20191min

In her address to the IIEA, Dr De Somer gives an overview of the Dublin Regulation and how it has impacted the Schengen Area. Dr De Somer argues that in the absence of political leadership, the two systems risk collapsing and offers suggestions on what the future of both systems might look like.

Sir Paul Collier, Professor of Economics and Public Policy, University of Oxford
IIEA24th May 20191min

In this keynote address, Sir Paul explores why governments across Europe have lost the trust of electorates and what can be done to re-establish it. He also draws on his recent book, The Future of Capitalism: Facing the New Anxieties, which explores the failures of modern capitalism and suggests potential remedies.