EU Affairs Past Events

Jeremy Cliffe
IIEA12th November 20171min

The German Federal Elections of 24 September 2017 marked a series of watersheds: the rise of the far-right AfD, which won seats in the German Parliament (Bundestag) for the first time; the beginning of the end of the Merkel era; and the probable emergence of a new so-called “Jamaica” coalition government of the conservative CDU/CSU, the market liberal Free Democratic Party, and the Green Party.

Thomas Wright
IIEA25th July 20171min

In his keynote address, Mr Wright drew on his new book, entitled All Measures Short of War: The Contest for the 21st Century and the Future of American Power, in which he claims that great power competition has returned following two decades of unprecedented cooperation between the major global players. He argued that the great powers all seek to avoid a major war with each other but will compete with all measures short of that, including cyber war, economic war, proxy war, and coercive diplomacy.

José Viegas
IIEA20th July 20172min

In his keynote address, Mr. Viegas discussed the main mobility-related problems affecting quality of urban life and proposed a new approach to address these challenges, taking advantage of the possibilities opened by digital connectivity. He showed how ride sharing can play a key role in addressing congestion, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, parking, car use and car ownership. He focused in particular on lessons learned on the International Transport Forum simulations that have been run in Lisbon in which buses and cars were replaced by different types of shared vehicles. Finally, he discussed the potential application of ride sharing in Dublin.