EU Affairs Blog

IIEA26th March 201814min

In these complementary blogs, IIEA Future of EU27 Group Member and Former Head of the European Parliament Office in Dublin, Francis Jacobs, and IIEA EU Affairs Researcher, Darragh Moriarty, consider the outcome of the Italian General Election of 4 March 2018, analyse its implications and look ahead to what the results might mean for the formation of the next Italian government and the impact this will have on Italy’s role in the EU.

Francis Jacobs, Member of IIEA EU27 Expert Group and Former Head of European Parliament Office, Dublin.
IIEA1st March 201812min

This blog analyses the state of play in Italian politics in advance of the 4 March 2018 elections, looking at the breakdown of the left, and the development of pre-election coalitions. It also examines rise of the Five Star Movement, paying particular attention to its ability to draw support from the far-right and far-left. Finally, the blog looks ahead to the possible outcomes of the election.