EU Affairs

IIEA6th December 20181min

In this policy brief, Brendan Keenan examines a general problem of understanding between Germany and its partners: that even when they agree that German prescriptions for their own countries have some merit, they disagree with Germany's prescriptions for itself. The brief seeks to enhance understanding of the rationale behind Germany’s economic policy and the challenges it is currently facing, in particular demographic developments

IIEA16th November 20181min

In this paper, Pádraig Murphy, Chair of the IIEA Foreign Policy Group and Member of the IIEA Germany Gorup, explores the complex relationship between Germany and Russia. The paper examines Germany’s changing approach to Russia since the foundation of the Federal Republic and analyses key issues impacting this relationship, including Russia’s annexation of the Crimea; Donald Trump’s Presidency; Syria; and Nord Stream 2.