Brexit Past Events

IIEA24th April 20182min

Taking place shortly after the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, this half-day conference featured a conversation with former Taoisigh on the topic of the Northern Ireland peace settlement, and the role it has played in the Brexit negotiations, chaired by Olivia O’Leary. Subsequently, a panel of high level European speakers discussed the future of the EU without the United Kingdom.

Edward Burke, Simon Tilford
IIEA18th September 20171min

Prior to the UK’s EU referendum a year ago, few British politicians paid attention to the problems that Brexit might cause for Northern Ireland. But the future border arrangements between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have now emerged as one of the key issues in the UK’s withdrawal negotiations. At this Irish launch of the CER policy brief, the author, Professor Edward Burke, and Simon Tilford, Deputy Director of CER, examined the impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland.

Jonathan Portes
IIEA13th September 20171min

In his address to the Institute, Professor Portes discussed the economic and political implications of Brexit for the UK. He assessed the short-term economic impacts of various scenarios for the current negotiations between the UK and the European Union, ranging from “chaotic Brexit” to a “velvet divorce”. He also examined the longer-term economic impacts on the UK, with a particular focus on immigration and labour mobility.