Brexit Past Events

Michelle O’Neill MLA, Vice-President of Sinn Féin
IIEA23rd October 20191min

Michelle O’Neill argues that the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union undermines the institutional, constitutional, legal integrity and status of the Good Friday Agreement.

The Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP, Former Attorney General for England and Wales and Advocate General for Northern Ireland
IIEA15th July 20191min

In his address to the IIEA, Dominic Grieve QC MP provides a perspective from Westminster on the current state of play in the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Rt Hon Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, Chief Whip of the DUP Parliamentary Party
IIEA26th June 20191min

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP discusses the implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland and the role to be played by the DUP in securing a resolution to the UK’s withdrawal.