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31st March 2020

Strategy Building for Small States in European Security and Defence

The series aims to further debate in Ireland on defence policy with the input of leading scholars, experts and practitioners.
9th March 2020

Developing an effective security strategy in Ireland: Lessons from the cyber domain

Ireland has a unique global brand as a smaller, even-handed state with balanced foreign policy approaches, strong moral and soft power. It is imperative that our approaches to national security support Irish interests and values.
2nd March 2020

Small can be beautiful … in defence

Whatever size a state may be, these new defence initiatives presume that success can only be achieved if governments pool more of their sovereignty together.
2nd March 2020

When ‛small’ translates as a lack of vision and action

European security and defence has gained increased momentum over the past two years. But has anything, in political and capability terms, really changed?