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9th October 2019

Evolving Hybrid Threats: Charting a New Course for Security

Half-way through its rotating six-month term in 2019, the Finnish Presidency has advanced a more strategic discussion on the future of European defence and digital disruption in the field.
15th May 2019

The “Specific Character” of Ireland’s Security and Defence Policy: Reflections on Neutrality

This paper for the IIEA, Patrick Keatinge, Co-Chair of the IIEA’s Security and Defence Group and Professor Emeritus at Trinity College Dublin, examines how Ireland’s Security and Defence Policy has evolved; how it is reflected in Ireland’s response to the main security challenges; and how it is understood in public debate today.
30th August 2018

Ireland’s Involvement in PESCO 

The first set of 17 PESCO projects was adopted by the EU Defence Ministers on 6 March 2018, and Ireland has signed up to participate in two of these projects: European Union Training Mission Competence Centre and Upgrade of Maritime Surveillance
18th July 2017

Conflict over the Code of Conduct

In a joint statement, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch claim that thousands more refugees and migrants could be at risk of dying in the Central Mediterranean, if the European Commission’s plan for a Code of Conduct for NGOs is improperly conducted. The Code of Conduct for NGOs was first announced by the European Commission on 6 July 2017, as part of an EU Action Plan, which aims to support Italy and reduce migratory pressure of illegal migrants along the Central Mediterranean Route. In the first six months of 2017, Italy received over 82,000 migrants, which has stretched its capacities to the limit.
7th July 2017

Coping with the Influx of Economic Migrants

The European Commission released its latest action plan on 4 July 2017 to support Italy and reduce migratory pressure along the Central Mediterranean Route.