EU 27 Blog


14th March 2019

Ask the IIEA: Why does the EU need 27 European Commissioners?

With the appointment of a new European Commission on the horizon in autumn 2019, this paper examines the common arguments surrounding what size and structure the new College of Commissioners should take.
6th February 2019

EU Decision-making after Brexit: QMV and the balance of power

This policy brief looks at the potential changes to the balance of power within the Council of the European Union after Brexit, and the effect that the UK’s departure will have on the ‘Qualified Majority Voting’ mechanism that is commonly used.
7th December 2018

The Future Role of the European Court of Auditors in the EU27

President Klaus-Heiner Lehne argued that the European Court of Auditors must re-calibrate its position in the institutional system and embrace the required changes in order to future-proof itself.
14th September 2018

President Juncker’s Vision for a Unified and Self-Reliant European Union

This blog looks at the proposals put forward in President Jean-Claude Juncker’s final State of the Union address and what they may mean for Ireland.
14th September 2018

The Emerging Voices Group

A new national debate on the future of the EU27 has been launched by the Irish Government. Contributions to this debate have been made by leading European figures, by EU Member States, and by the EU Institutions and Irish people have been called upon to discuss their own visions for the future of the EU. As part of this debate, the IIEA began a three-year project in 2017 with the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The IIEA Future of the EU27 project looks at the various contributions to the Future of Europe debate emanating from the EU Institutions and from the Member States. Combined with consideration of the policy priorities of other EU Member States, this research will contribute to a more nuanced understanding of where Ireland’s strategic interests lie. For this project, the IIEA is putting together an Emerging Voices Group, which will bring together new voices to share their perspectives on the future of Europe. The group will meet monthly, and representatives of the group will be invited on a rotating basis to join meetings of the IIEA’s Future of the EU27 Expert Group, which consists of former government ministers, Irish Ambassadors, EU officials and prominent academics. We want to engage with a range of perspectives, so the panel will be gender balanced, and will aim to bring together people from different sectors, backgrounds and areas of expertise.