EU 27 Blog


19th July 2019

Delving Deeper into the New EU Leadership Package

This briefing provides background on the proposed leaders and explores where they stand on issues of relevance to the future of Europe and to Ireland. The briefing also covers the next steps in the appointment process for the candidates that have not yet been formally appointed.
15th July 2019

The Outcome of the European Parliament Elections

In this policy briefing, Francis Jacobs identifies the key trends that have emerged in Ireland and across Europe following the elections to the European Parliament in May 2019.
3rd July 2019

A Delicate Balance: The EU’s new Strategic Agenda

On 20 June 2019, Heads of State or Government in the European Council adopted the EU’s Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024. This high-level document is designed to provide a blueprint of the EU’s political direction for the next five years. This search for a common narrative has perhaps been deeper and more reflective this time around, as the EU prepares for life as a Union of 27.
23rd May 2019

The Lead Candidate Debate: How will the next European Commission President be selected?

This explainer will examine the controversy surrounding the Spitzenkandidat or lead candidate system for selecting the President of the European Commission. It explores why the system was introduced and why it has been contested by some EU Institutions and Member States.
16th May 2019

Political Groups in the European Parliament: Who are you really voting for?

This explainer will identify the number of political groups in the European Parliament and why they are important. It will also highlight some of the main political trends that are emerging in the run up to the elections and examine the implications of these trends for political group formation in the new European Parliament.