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2nd July 2019

Recalibrating Ireland’s NECP

On 18 June 2019, the European Commission presented its assessment of all Member States’ draft NECPs collectively, and issued recommendations to each Member State individually.
12th February 2019

Climate Risks: Can the Central Bank Manage Them Effectively?

In a welcome sign that concern about climate change is being mainstreamed across the body politic, Prof. Philip Lane, Governor of the Irish Central Bank, made a significant contribution to the debate on 5 February 2019.
25th January 2019

Pragmatism over Purism: How to design a Carbon Tax to Win Political and Social Support

Joseph Curtin argues that “strategic revenue recycling” can help build constituencies supportive of a carbon tax. Ultimately, pragmatism should trump purism: the key is getting a pricing solution over the line.
3rd December 2018

The Paris Climate Agreement versus the Trump Effect: Countervailing Forces for Decarbonisation

In this publication, IIEA Senior Fellow Joseph Curtin argues that the “Trump Effect” has created a powerful countervailing force acting against the momentum which the Paris Agreement on climate change hoped to generate.
24th October 2018

From prices and machines to citizens and communities: making climate action more effective

Joseph Curtin argues that effective climate action must consider not only prices and machines, but also people and communities.