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20th December 2018

Brexit: The State of Play

This briefing analyses the options under consideration in the Brexit debate and provides an update on the status of the meaningful vote ahead of the January deadline
3rd December 2018

The Paris Climate Agreement versus the Trump Effect: Countervailing Forces for Decarbonisation

In this publication, IIEA Senior Fellow Joseph Curtin argues that the “Trump Effect” has created a powerful countervailing force acting against the momentum which the Paris Agreement on climate change hoped to generate.
20th November 2018

Brexit Brief Special Edition

The special edition of the IIEA Brexit Brief provides an update on the concluded text of the Withdrawal Agreement and its reception in the UK, Brussels and Ireland.
16th November 2018

German-Russian Relations: Practice and Prospects

In this paper, Pádraig Murphy, Chair of the IIEA Foreign Policy Group and Member of the IIEA Germany Gorup, explores the complex relationship between Germany and Russia. The paper examines Germany’s changing approach to Russia since the foundation of the Federal Republic and analyses key issues impacting this relationship, including Russia’s annexation of the Crimea; Donald Trump’s Presidency; Syria; and Nord Stream 2.
30th October 2018

Implications of the New US Corporate Tax Regime for Ireland

US President Donald Trump’s tax reforms constitute the most significant rewriting of the US tax code in decades. What will these changes mean for Ireland?