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Energy and Climate Change

For more information on the Institute's work in this area, please click on the link below:
Energy Policy Group
Climate and Environment Group

Contact: Director of Research, Jill Donoghue
Email: jill.donoghue@iiea.com
Tel +353-1-8746756

Current Project:
The Environment Nexus

The IIEA/European Parliament Environment Nexus is an online hub for EU environment policy. Under three themes – water; agriculture and food security; and energy and climate – you will find visual, informative video interviews, animations, interactive infographics, country comparisons, voting polls, frequently asked questions, short articles and analytical policy reports that explain some of the most important environmental issues facing Ireland and the EU.


IIEA Annual Report 2014 Understanding the European Council Conclusions on Climate: A 10-Step Guide

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