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Economic Governance

Researcher: Tim Costello

Dáithí O'Ceallaigh

About the Group:

The Economic Governance Group is a private working group that meets frequently for private discussions and produce working papers. The group looks at the development of European economic governance, paying particular attention to the integration of budgetary and economic policy. This includes looking at recent reforms, forthcoming reforms and contextualizing this reform process. It considers both what is happening at a European level and it implications for Ireland. The group also analyses the euro crisis as it unfolds. The group produces research through the IIEA ‘Economic Governance Paper' series.

The Economic Governance Group develop upon the work of the IIEA Euro Crisis Group in 2011-12, which can be seen here.


Attendance at Economic Governance Group events is by invitation only.



IIEA Economic Governance Paper 4

Why Does Ireland Have All Those European Referendums?

Gavin Barrett




IIEA Economic Governance Paper 3

Sovereignty and Globalisation

Philip Stephens




IIEA Economic Governance Paper 2

Shared Economic Sovereignty: Beneficial or Not and Who Decides?

Professor John O’Hagan




IIEA Economic Governance Paper 1

Reforming European Economic Governance

Michael G Tutty



Tim Costello

Tim Costello

Junior Researcher tim.costello@iiea.com
Economic Governance