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Economic Governance

Researcher: Tim Costello

Michael Tutty

About the Group:

The IIEA’s Economic Governance Group is a private working group that meets regularly to discuss issues relating to economic governance in the European Union and the implications for Ireland. The group has produced a number of papers, including a December 2016 report outlining the main elements of economic governance in the EU. The group analyses developments in the Economic and Monetary Union, should as the establishment of the European Semester process of economic policy coordination. In 2015, the group made a submission to the European Commission ahead of the publication of the Five Presidents’ Report on Completing Economic and Monetary Union in June of that year. The group published a paper in October 2015 commenting on the proposals made in the Five Presidents’ Report. 



IIEA Economic Governance Paper

EU Economic Governance: Guide to the Main Elements http://www.iiea.com/publications/eu-economic-governance-guide-to-the-main-elements

Edited by Michael G Tutty


IIEA Economic Governance Paper

Comments on the Five Presidents’ Report, ‘Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union’ http://www.iiea.com/publications/comments-on-the-five-presidents-report-completing-europes-economic-and--monetary-union

Edited by Michael G Tutty


IIEA Economic Governance Submission

Group Submission on Analytical Note, ‘Preparing for Next Steps on Better Economic Governance in the Euro Area’ http://www.iiea.com/publications/iiea-economic-governance-group-submission-on-analytical-note-preparing-for-next-steps-on-better-economic-governance-in-the-euro-area

Edited by Michael G Tutty


IIEA Economic Governance Paper

Economic Governance with Tight Constraints: Exploring Implications for the Irish Economy http://www.iiea.com/publications/economic-governance-with-tight-constraints-exploring-implications-for-the-irish-economy

Written by Dr John Bradley




Attendance at Economic Governance Group events is by invitation only.