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Joseph Curtin

Senior Research Fellow


Sustainable Agriculture
European and International Climate Politics
Building Energy use efficiency

Energy Efficiency Project

Joseph Curtin is Senior Research Fellow with responsibility for climate change policy at IIEA, and project leader of the Climate-Smart Agriculture project. Over the past decade he has worked for the OECD, Ireland’s National Economic and Social Council (an advisory council to the Irish Prime Minister) and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. He has published papers on climate finance, energy efficiency, climate smart agriculture as well as assessments of the climate policies of Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway and Israel for the OECD. He has also published on EU and UN climate policy, and drafted reports to Government on Irish climate policy development for NESC. He is a regular contributor to national and international media on climate economics and policy, and has presented to Irish Parliament on numerous occasions, as well as to numerous OECD Ministers for Environment on their national climate policy development. He is particularly interested in exploring the co-benefits of ambitious climate action. 

Latest Articles:

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Thinking Deeper: Financing Options for Home Retrofit

From Farm to Fork: A Sustainability Enhancement Programme for the Irish Agri-Food Industry

Jobs, Growth and Reduced Energy Costs: Greenprint for a National Energy Efficiency Retrofit Programme

The Climate Change Challenge: Strategic Issues, Options and Implications for Ireland

The Copenhagen Conference: How Should the EU Respond?

There were four Occasional Papers accompany this book:

Paper 1 - Paper 2 - Paper 3 Paper 4

“Key Policies I – Energy and Environment”, in Lisbon: What the Reform Treaty Means



“Ireland's National Climate Change Strategy” - Opinion and Analysis - The Irish Times - November 2010

“Positioning Ireland for the Coming Water Crisis” - Business & Finance - June 2009

“Is Green the New Black?” - Extended op-ed in Business & Finance - Feb 2009

“Treaty to Make a Difference on Climate Change” - Irish Times - May 2008

“Spotlight: Climate Change – Implications for Ireland” - Oireachtas Library and Research Service - 23 June 2008


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European Climate Change Proposals and Irish Responses, to Senior Interdepartmental Officials Group - April 2008

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Conference Chairperson: Housing in a Changing Climate, Energy Action Conference - June 2008



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