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European Security and Defence Policy and the Lisbon Treaty

European Security and Defence Policy and the Lisbon Treaty

Patrick Keatinge and Ben Tonra

31 January 2007

European Security and Defence Policy and The Lisbon Treaty is another brilliant contribution to the Institute’s background work on issues arising out of the Lisbon Treaty by Professors Ben Tonra and Patrick Keatinge. It describes the reality of European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP), as it has developed over the past six years and explains each of the relevant provisions in the Lisbon Treaty.  It puts Ireland’s particular position in ESDP in the context of the recently published guarantees secured by the Irish government at the European Council on 19 June 2009, which will form part of the basis of the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty in the autumn. 

It follows the traditional methodology of the Institute, examining recent practice in ESDP based on authenticated facts and it provides informed analysis of the implications for Ireland.  The appendices include the original text of the Decision of the Heads of State and Government of the EU on the concerns of the Irish People on the Treaty of Lisbon in respect of ESDP and the National Declaration by Ireland. For historical purposes, it also includes the text of the Seville Declaration in 2002.

It is written in a clear and easily comprehensible style and will inform its readers on both the civilian and military aspects of EU missions, and on the institutional structures involved in ESDP.   

It places Ireland’s role in EU peace-keeping firmly in the context of its long tradition of UN peace-keeping and highlights the interdependence of European and global security as countries seek to ensure the “human security” of individuals threatened not just by war, but by natural disasters, terrorist attacks and new security threats of the 21st century.

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