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There are three categories of Institute Membership: Foundation, Corporate, and Individual.

Foundation membership  
is the source of core funding for the Institute. These organisations recognise the need for a premium think tank in Ireland on international and European affairs. The foundation package is tailored for organisations that wish to have exclusive access to the most prominent guests, to have the opportunity to contribute to, and influence the research agenda and participate in or sponsor the events programme and the Institute. view more

Corporate membership 
is divided into several structured sub-categories, designed for those organisations, both public and private, which seek to gain access to high quality events and develop a greater understanding of the policies and developments which affect Ireland and Europe. view more

Individual membership
is an incentivised package for individuals (self-employed, retired, academics) with an interest in the international and European issues which influence both government policy and business in Ireland. view more

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) is a targeted form of membership for individuals aged 23 to 35 with an interest in European and international affairs. view more

The Benefits of Membership:

At the centre of the Institute’s work is the research carried out by the IIEA Working Groups and the resident expert research team. This research analyses current developments over a wide range of policies and evaluates the issues, options and implications in order to discern emerging trends and strategic impacts.  Capitalizing on this policy expertise, the Institute organises:

Events: international, national, and European experts and high-level political and business leaders inform our members on the most pressing current and future issues; Research Projects: the Institute regularly undertakes projects to evaluate European and international developments of strategic relevance to Ireland;

Policy Publications: the reports, books, newsletters, and policy briefs which are published by the Institute have significant impact on policy formation in Ireland.

If you would like to learn more about which membership package would best suit you or your organisation, please follow the links in the left menu or contact our membership team (01.874.6756 or reception@iiea.com).