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Legal Status
The Institute of European Affairs was founded in 1991 as a self-governing body. The Institute is a registered, independent charity, and is independent of all political, economic and social interests. The Institute represents no sectoral viewpoint and expresses no corporate views of its own. Views expressed in the Institute's publications and at its conferences, seminars and briefings are those of the authors and speakers.

Governance Structure
Patron: Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland 
Chairperson: Brendan Halligan 
Director General: Tom Arnold
Director of Research and Vice President for Global Affairs: Jill Donoghue 
Administrator: Fionnuala Keane 
Financial Controller: Janice Epstein 
Board of Directors: Billy Attley, Joe Brosnan, Anthony Brown, Adrian Burke, Andrew Clarke, Niall Greene, Brendan Halligan, Tom Haughey, Noreen Kearney, Katherine Meenan, Brigid Laffan, Con Lucey, Michael Meagher
Secretary: John Redmond
Treasurer: Tom Haughey 
Comité d’HonneurEnda Kenny, Richard Burke, John Bruton, David Byrne, Brian Cowen, Pat Cox, Ray MacSharry, Charles McCreevy, Michael O’Kennedy, Mary Robinson, Peter Sutherland
Honorary Life Members: Adrian Burke, Professor Patrick Keatinge, Dr Tomás Ó Cofaigh, Derry O‘Hegarty, Dr Con Power, Albert Reynolds, Dr David Williamson.