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Foundation Membership

Foundation Members form the core of the Institute from both a financial and a strategic perspective. The contribution of these members places them at the vanguard of those organisations in Ireland that acknowledge the importance and relevance of the work of the Institute, for their businesses for the public interest and for Ireland’s position in Europe and the world. A full list of all current Foundation Members is available here.

Foundation members represent the cadre of organisations which recognise that Ireland needs:

A think tank, which forms a bridge between policy makers and the private sector

- A forum where stakeholders from a wide spectrum of professions and business sectors can network with decision makers

- A resource which can be tapped for information and analysis which is ahead of the curve by anticipating and flagging policy decisions which are likely to affect their organisations

- A venue for developing a network, which is unique in its scope and depth and which opens doors to a broad range of contacts nationally and internationally

- An opportunity to tap into new revenue streams by exploring the broad range of policy areas covered by the Institute

- A forum, which affords its members competitive advantage via the access and insights it provides.

Foundation membership is the Institute’s highest level of membership and is tailored specifically for Ireland’s leading indigenous and international organisations, companies, and MNCs. The package provides the Foundation Members with significantly superior benefits than Corporate Membership. These include: unparalleled private access to our distinguished high-level national and international guests;   and strategic influence on the events and research programmes of the Institute.



  Entitlement of senior staff to attend highest-level events at the Institute (e.g.). Past events of this nature have included private lunches, dinners and seminars with Gordon Brown, Ban Ki-moon, Jean Claude Trichet, Mikhail Gorbachev

  Entitlement of all of your organisation’s staff to attend IIEA events

•    Opportunity for young members of your organisation to participate in a Young Professionals Network, which meets once a month after working hours, where members network with their peers and to benefit from a discussion with a leading businessman, politician or thought leader

  Exclusive access to confidential, pre-event meetings with high-level guests, which have in the past often led to new business opportunities

  In addition to attending open IIEA events, foundation members can be invited to attend monthly meetings of the 20 or so Working Groups on sector- specific or policy -specific topics in the Institute.



•    Opportunities to be policy shapers and to have a direct input into the formation of Irish, European and global policy.

•    Annual meeting with the Director General to discuss issues of importance to your organisation, and to ensure the strategic direction of the Institute’s research agenda and events programme

•    Entitlement to request specific pieces of research and policy analysis from IIEA research staff and to be briefed on issues which are central to your organisation’s interests.

Corporate Services

•    Exclusive entitlement to invite a corporate guest to accompany Foundation Members to all Institute events

•    Opportunities to sponsor an event, a lecture series, a lunch, a publication on a research area of particular interest to your organisation or to provide a platform for international-level expert speakers from your organisation


•    Direct access by telephone and email to IIEA research expertise for advice and information on issue areas that are relevant to your business

•    Opportunity to arrange informal discussion of policy and issue areas with leading Irish, European and Global policy-makers and thought-leaders

•    Invitation to the Foundation Members’ Dinner and seminar

•    Free copies of IIEA publications

•    Eligbility: All organisations

Rate: €15,000
For further information on how to become a member please email:  membership@iiea.com  or call +353 (0) 1 8746756.