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Summit Bridge Capital Investment Fund and its impact on Ireland-China investment

Summit Bridge Capital Investment Fund and its impact on Ireland-China investment

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About this Event

21 Apr 2015 @ 12:45
About the speech:
Summit Bridge Capital is a $100 million investment fund co-managed by Atlantic Bridge and WestSummit Capital. This innovative fund targets fast growing Irish technology companies with a presence or strategic interest in China. In her address to the IIEA, Ms. Coughlan will discuss the impact of the fund's China Value Creation platform on Irish companies, through the access it provides to the enormous Chinese market.
About the speaker:
Elaine Coughlan is a Co-Founder and General Partner of Atlantic Bridge Capital (www.abven.com), a Global Growth Equity Technology Fund with over $450 million of assets under management investing in expansion stage technology companies in Europe and the US. Previously she was a Co-Founder and non-executive director of GloNav, a GPS software company successfully sold to NXP for $110 million. Prior to that she was involved with three technology companies which launched successful Nasdaq IPOs and secondary offerings, realising more than $5 billion in value for investors. She was recently named as one of Europe’s Top 50 Most Inspiring Women in Tech and has been appointed to the Board of Enterprise Ireland.

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