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Protecting Innovation While Protecting Copyright: New Developments

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About this Event

12 Jul 2011 @ 12:45

About the speech:

The internet enables users to participate in the consumption, distribution and creation of content and has become a driver of innovation. The discourse on the conflict between creativity and copyright in the digital age has led to an increased recognition by courts and policy makers of the need to balance the competing demands of protecting copyright and stimulating innovation. Mr Lohmann's speech examined the impact of copyright policy on creativity and economic growth in the online sector.

About the speaker:

Fred von Lohmann is a Senior Copyright Counsel at Google. He has received several awards  in the field of copyright law, including the American Library Association's 2010 L. Ray Patterson Copyright Award and he has been identified as one of 2010's "25 Most Influential People in IP" by both "Billboard" and "The American Lawyer". Before joining Google, he was a senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Founation (EFF), a research fellow at the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, and an associate with the law firm of Morrison & Foerster LLP.
The IIEA wishes to acknowledge the support it has received from the European Commission throughout 2011.

Theme: Digital Future 

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