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Misunderstanding China: Cultural Barriers, Western Responses

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About this Event

25 Sep 2014 @ 12:45
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About the Speech:
According to Professors Blair and McCormack, the rise of China challenges Western thinking. Today, most books question how well China fits into Western categories. As China is increasingly misinterpreted, it falls short of Western expectations. Professors Blair and McCormack examined how these radical cultural differences can be approached constructively. In light of a particularly fragile and interdependent world, China and the West should seek to develop pragmatic strategies for coping collaboratively.  
About the Speaker:
Jerusha McCormack and John G. Blair were born and educated in the USA.  After earning their Ph.D.s, McCormack and Blair lectured for thirty years in English Departments at University College Dublin and the University of Geneva, respectively. Both professors have considerable experience lecturing at Beijing Foreign Services University and have published a book entitledComparing Civilizations: China and the West. 

Theme: China 

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