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France's ICT Policy: Pivoting into the Digital Era

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About this Event

18 Jun 2013 @ 8:45
Download the keynote audio podcast here
About the Speech:
Gilles Babinet discussed his priorities as National Digital Champion and the future direction of France’s digital policy. Drawing on his background as a serial entrepreneur, Mr. Babinet focused on the interface between government, a growing ICT sector and the start-up community. He addressed the need for improved synergies between industry, academia, government and citizens in promoting innovation.
This event is kindly sponsored by Realex Payments.
This was the third of three IIEA events to coincide with the third Digital Agenda Assembly, which the Irish Presidency is hosting with the European Commission in Dublin in June 2013.
About the Speaker:
Gilles Babinet was appointed as France’s National Digital Champion in June 2012, having served as the first Chairman of the French ‘Conseil National du Numérique’ (National Digital Council) from April 2011 until April 2012. He is the Chairman and founder of Captain Dash, a company which specialises in data visualization and digital marketing. He has founded and managed numerous companies in consultancy (Absolut), mobile music (Musiwave), co-creation (Eyeka), social music gaming (Mxp4), online marketing (Digibonus), and music publishing (Sawnd).

Theme: Digital Future 

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