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Gregor Bailar on how Technology Can Help Fight the Recession

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About this Event

13 May 2009 @ 12:45

Earth 4.0 | How Technology Can Help Fight the Recession

13 May 2009

About the Event:

Innovation and technology have always played a central role in major changes in the development of the planet and our economy. This event will examine the possibilities, opportunities, and challenges for technological innovation in combating our current economic situation.

Gregor Bailar is one of the most influential technologists and business strategists of the past three decade. His leadership of technological change has revolutionised many major companies including Capital One, Nasdaq, Citibank, and NeXT Computer.

Ireland is currently in the worst economic crisis in nearly a century. This keynote will address the role policy makers, researchers and governments can have in applying IT and technology to help us fight this recession.

What are the trends that will bring about recovery? What should be the target of our investment? What will be the next big thing? What should be done sooner, rather than later? 

Theme: Digital Future 

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