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IIEA and KMPG Corporate Taxation Conference 2014. Supported by McCann FitzGerald

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About this Event

02 Dec 2014 @ 8:30

This unique full day conference, hosted by the IIEA and KPMG, and with the support of McCann FitzGerald, brought together the leading tax policymakers, practitioners and industry figures from Ireland and the world to discuss the OECD's revolutionary BEPS plan - and the implications for Ireland of this changing landscape of international corporate taxation. Download the conference programme here

 Watch all 12 keynote speeches using the below video playlist. 

Watch videos or stream and download podcasts by clicking on the links below.
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Session 1: Addressing The Global Taxation Challenge 

Pascal Saint- Amans, Director of the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD

Watch Video               Download podcast

Session 2: Reshaping the Global Tax Landscape: International Perspectives (Part I)

Heinz Zourek, Director General, DG Taxation and Customs Union, European Commission

Watch Video               Download podcast

Session3: Reshaping the Global Tax Landscape: International Perspectives (Part II)

Manal Corwin,  National Service Line Leader for International Tax, KPMG LLP

Watch Video              Download podcast

Sorley McCaughey, Head of Advocacy and Policy, Christian Aid

Watch Video               Download podcast               Download Powerpoint


Session3: Questions & Answers
Download podcast


Session 4: Taxing the Digital Economy: What Does the Future Hold? 

Mark Redmond, CEO, American Chamber of Commerce Ireland

Watch Video               Download podcast

Mary Walsh, Chartered Accountant, Member of the EU Expert Group on Taxing the Digital Economy 

Watch Video               Download podcast               Download Powerpoint

Michael Ryan, Head of Tax Group, McCann FitzGerald

Watch Video               Download podcast               Download Powerpoint


Session 4: Questions & Answers
Download podcast


Session 5: Competitiveness in the Changing Tax Environment: Implications for Ireland 

Josephine Feehily, Chairman, Revenue Commissioners of Ireland

Watch Video               Download podcast

Gary Tobin, Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy, Department of Finance

Watch Video              Download podcast               Download Powerpoint

Conor O’Brien, Head of Tax & Legal Services, KPMG Ireland

Watch Video               Download podcast

Dan O’Brien, Chief Economist, IIEA

Watch Video              Download podcast               Download Powerpoint

Session 5: Questions & Answers
Download podcast


Session 6: Closing Session

Michael Noonan, T.D., Irish Minister for Finance

Watch Video               Download podcast


Theme: Digital Future  Economics and Finance 

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