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Chinese Outbound Investment in the EU

Podcast Transcript Powerpoint

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About this Event

08 Oct 2014 @ 12:45

Download the keynote audio podcast from this event here

Download the Presentation slides used during this event in .PDF format here

About the Speech:

As Chinese investment in the EU and overseas markets continues to increase, Joel Backaler believes it necessary to understand the potential impact of this trend on businesses, consumers and host governments. In his address, Backaler identified the key issues and assess the impact of these Chinese firms on the global economy. In light of his experience as an advisor and intermediary between Western and Chinese businesses, Backaler also analysed the potential advantages and disadvantages of Chinese overseas investments, and how businesses and governments can maximise the benefits and mitigate the risks.


About the Speaker:

Joel Backaler is author of “China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know about Chinese Companies Going Global.” He is also an Associate Vice President at Frontier Strategy Group and a member of the National Committee on United States-China Relations.  Backaler previously worked for Atos Consulting’s China state-owned enterprise practice in Beijing. In 2008, he founded TheChinaObserver.com, an award-winning platform focused on Chinese outbound investment. His writing regularly appears in major international media outlets including BusinessWeek, Forbes, BBC, and the Financial Times. Backaler, a fluent Mandarin-speaker and Fulbright Scholar, has worked and lived in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Singapore. 

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