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09 Jan 2013

Event Title
Climate Change: A Post-Doha Briefing

Event Speaker
David Walsh and Ciara Gaynor

Download David Walsh's keynote audio podcast here
Download Ciara Gaynor's keynote audio podcast here

Download David Walsh's briefing paper here
Download Ciara Gaynor's briefing paper here

About the Speech

In this briefing, David Walsh and  Ciara Gaynor reflected on the outcome of the recent COP 18 UNFCCC negotiations at Doha – a primarily process orientated COP – and looked ahead to the international climate agenda for 2013, particularly in the context of the Irish Presidency.

David Walsh outlined the key outcomes from an EU perspective. The Union achieved all of its main negotiation objectives with the adoption of the package of decisions, the Doha Climate Gateway, including: amendments to the Kyoto Protocol to establish its second commitment period; progress on work plans towards a 2015 global deal and the closure of two old negotiating tracks on the Kyoto Protocol and Long-Term Cooperative Action. He also pointed to Ireland’s Presidency priorities on the UNFCCC process, namely: advancing the formal ratification process for the KP second commitment period; negotiating and agreeing the UNFCCC’s biennial budget for 2014-15 by the June Bonn session; and enhanced outreach and engagement with parties outside of the formal sessions to facilitate greater mutual understanding of priorities and positions.

Ciara Gaynor focused on climate finance, and stressed that the Doha outcome was very disappointing overall from an Oxfam perspective because of the failure to deliver a clear trajectory for climate finance flows post-2012. She also voiced concern about the lack of meaningful discussion on raising mitigation ambition at Doha. She welcomed the political agreement on ‘hot air’, which means that surplus allowances from the first Kyoto period will not be purchased in the second period, and the progress on ‘loss and damage’ for developing countries.


About the Speaker:

David Walsh is Principal Officer with responsibility for International Climate Policy at the Department of the Environment.

Ciara Gaynor is Policy and Advocacy Coordinator at Oxfam ireland


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