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08 May 2014

Event Title
Are National Parliaments Behind the EU Curve? Does it Matter?

Event Speaker
Professor Deirdre Curtin

Download the keynote audio podcast from this event here

Download the presentation slides in .PDF form here

About the Speech:

Just over two weeks before the 2014 European Parliament elections, one of Europe’s foremost legal scholars, Professor Deirdre Curtin, delivered a keynote address on the evolution of European democracy. As Europe exits a period of economic crisis in which the European Council in particular has played a pivotal role, Professor Curtin discussed the contribution of national parliaments to policymaking and democratic accountability in the EU.


About the Speaker:

Deirdre Curtin is Professor of European Law of the University of Amsterdam (since 2008). She also holds the Chair in European and International Governance at the Utrecht School of Governance, and is director of the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG). In 2007 she was awarded the distinguished Spinoza prize by the Dutch Scientific Organization (NWO) for her research in the field of European law and governance, the only time it has been awarded to a lawyer.



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