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Report on the study visit of the IIEA Germany Group to Berlin

18 Dec 2014

This report presents the findings of the study trip to Berlin undertaken by the IIEA Germany Group in November 2014.

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IIEA Corporate Tax Conference in the News

05 Dec 2014

The IIEA/KPMG conference on Taxation, which took place this week in the Mansion House on 3 December presented a whole range of perspectives on these topics, which have become the centre of attention since the OECD initiated the BEPS programme, in July 2013, which aims to shift the global goalposts for taxation and to provide governments with instruments to prevent corporates and multinational companies from misusing the rules by engaging in BEPS practices. 

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New Publication: Banking Union: Progress and Prospects

24 Oct 2014

New IIEA publication. Banking Union: Progress and Prospects

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IIEA Presidency Report – Italy, July-December 2014

11 Jul 2014

Prime Minister Renzi’s Government assumed the Presidency of the Council of the EU on 1 July 2014. It falls to the Italian Presidency to steer the union through the current period of uncertainty.

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European Council remembers 1914 and plans ahead for the rest of the decade and beyond

25 Jun 2014

The IIEA research team outlines the major issues on the agenda for the European Council summit on 26-27 June 2014.

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Irish economy is finally enjoying a sectorally broad-based recovery

16 Jun 2014

Ireland’s economic recovery is now more solid and broad-based than at any time since it suffered a depression-scale collapse in 2008-10. Challenges and risks remain, but the momentum behind the recovery gives cause for optimism. 

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Europe needs a “Grand Bargain” on growth

13 Jun 2014

Spurring growth in Europe is vital but difficult. A much more ambitious effort is needed at EU level. The opportunity for a policy shift will come late in 2014 when a changing of the guard takes place in the EU’s insitutions.

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EU Economic Snapshot: March 2014

02 Apr 2014

This IIEA economic update details the latest economic trends across Europe in March 2014 and analyses the key items that were discussed at the ECOFIN and European Council meetings. 

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Spring European Council: Balancing Crisis Management and Long Term Planning

19 Mar 2014

At the 2014 Spring European Council, European leaders will address the crisis in Ukraine, economic issues (European Semester, industrial competitivness, economic growth and taxation), climate and energy and EU-Africa relations. 

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EU's Unemployment Puzzle Infographic

07 Mar 2014

The IIEA's Unemployment Puzzle Infographic provides a visual insight into the scale of the jobs crisis facing Europe. The infographic pieces together the IIEA's five-part infographic series on unemployment in the European Union.

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Solving the Policy Puzzle: EU's Unemployment Puzzle Infographic

07 Mar 2014

Solving the Policy Puzzle is the final piece of the IIEA’s five-part series EU's Unemployment Puzzle focusing on unemployment in the European Union.

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Youth Unemployment: Mind the Gap - EU's Unemployment Puzzle Infographic

06 Mar 2014

Mind the Gap visually describes the youth unemployment crisis in Europe and it is the fourth piece of the IIEA’s five-part EU's Unemployment Puzzle infographic series focusing on unemployment in the European Union.

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