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Interactive Overview – The Environment Nexus: Your Digital Ecosystem

30 Jun 2013

This infographic brings together the highlights of the Environment Nexus project in an interactive digital ecosystem. Roll over the images above and click on the links to begin exploring Environment Nexus content including videos, infographics, interviews, blogs and publications on issues relating to water, energy and food policy.

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The Global Supermarket: Who’s Buying and Who’s Stocking the Shelves?

13 Jun 2013

This infographic illustrates the EU’s role as the leading player in global agri-food trade. It shows world’s largest importers and exporters, the EU’s biggest trade partners, fastest growing markets and leading agri-food products. It concludes by considering the EU’s trade with the developing world.

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New Infographic on the Irish Water Footprint

17 May 2013

This new infographic explores the Irish water footprint, or the amount of water embodied in the goods and services we consume. It shows that, contrary to popular belief, most of our water use is outside the home and that the vast majority of our water footprint is found in imported goods.


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Household Electricity Prices Infographic Available in Eight European Languages

15 May 2013

The IIEA has produced a range of language versions of its ‘Household Electricity Prices in the EU’ infographic to allow as many users as possible to engage with this important information in their own language. The infographic is available in English (original), French, German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese and Irish.

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Electric Vehicles in the EU

08 May 2013

This new IIEA infographic explores the European Commission's efforts to promote electric vehicles.

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