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Brexit Brief Issue 01

17 Dec 2015

Brexit Brief, published by the IIEA’s UK Project Group, covers developments in the on-going debate in the United Kingdom – and between the UK and the other EU Member States – on the UK’s negotiations over its membership of the Union.

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Germany: Looking In, Looking Out

17 Dec 2015
The latest publication from the IIEA is a must read for anybody looking for a deeper understanding of Germany today.

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Cameron and Tusk exchange letters ahead of December European Council

10 Dec 2015
UK Prime Minister David Cameron and European Council President Donald Tusk exchange letters on the topic of the UK’s EU renegotiation demands.

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Denmark’s EU Referendum

02 Dec 2015

This blog explains the background to the Danish referendum on 3 December 2015 and outlines the positions of both the “Yes” and “No” sides before reflecting on the implications of the referendum for Denmark’s cooperation with the European Union, and in particular, Europol.

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Pledges, “ratchet” mechanisms and clean-tech innovation: The three pillars of a successful Paris outcome

01 Dec 2015



A new approach to fostering international cooperation on climate action will be road tested at the Paris climate conference. At its heart are pledges made by individual countries to manage their carbon footprints. So far 180 countries have come forward with commitments covering over 95% of global emissions.




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