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Minister Rabbitte on Ireland’s Energy Priorities

18 Dec 2012

Minister Rabbitte outlines Irish Presidency’s Energy priorities.

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China’s Rise: Different Views

18 Dec 2012

Will China’s rise as a regional power be peaceful, or will the emergence of a new major power in Asia inevitably lead to conflict?

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Banking Union: Concerns expressed at UK’s ‘inevitable’ marginalisation

14 Dec 2012

Agreement has been reached on the establishment of a Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) for Eurozone states. The deal included a series of provisions to protect the interests of non-Eurozone Member States, led by the UK. However, concerns have been expressed this week at the long-term implications of banking union for the UK.

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Climate science: Too little, too late for 2 degrees?

07 Dec 2012

A number of studies released in the run up to the UNFCCC talks in Doha make for sobering reading.

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Making the Internal Energy Market Work

07 Dec 2012

Is the internal energy market giving governments, businesses and consumers the best deal?

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European Commission releases its Blueprint for a Deep and Genuine Economic and Monetary Union

05 Dec 2012

Some key points for reflection on the European Commission’s Blueprint for a Deep and Genunie Economic and Monetary Union, published on 28 November.

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Commission publishes two major new environmental strategies

03 Dec 2012

The European Commission last week formally published two major new environmental strategies – the 7th Environmental Action Programme and the Blueprint for Europe’s Waters.

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