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RFC 2 (NLM) - draft overview of measures against illegal content (hate, child pornography, violent radicalisation, copyright infringement) in the EU 27 Member States

22 Dec 2009

This RFC is a very basic initial overview of the various measures used in each member state against illegal Internet content, including hate speech, child pornography, violent radicalisation, and copyright infringement. It is intended to be elaborated upon by readers.

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The EU Citizens’ Initiative: How to make the European Parliament more representative

17 Dec 2009
Peadar ó Broin looks at the “representativity gap” between the European Parliament and EU citizens, and considers how the new Citizens’ Initiative, an innovation from the Lisbon Treaty, can help redress representativity in the EU’s only directly elected institution.

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Capital Punishment

16 Dec 2009

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MGQ and Innovation Ireland

15 Dec 2009

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Demonstrating Democracy

08 Dec 2009
National Parliaments will play a crucial role in a more democratic EU

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From Farm to Fork - New Publication

03 Dec 2009

Ireland can become a world leader in sustainable agriculture and food production by 2020, under an ambitious new initiative proposed to government today. This report is available for download here.

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