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The EU-China Summit 2013 – Real Progress?

25 Nov 2013

The 16th EU-China Summit on 21 November 2013 produced an EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda, which underlines the increasing importance of this relationship to both sides.

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IIEA Justice and Home Affairs Newsletter No. 2 November 2013

13 Nov 2013

This second edition of the IIEA Justice and Home Affairs newsletter is intended to  provide an overview of the main developments in the JHA policy area for the months of September and October 2013.

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Key topics of discussion at Cybersecurity Conference Dublin

12 Nov 2013

What are the key topics of discussion at this Friday’s IIEA Cybersecurity Conference?

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Greater urgency needed in fight against cybercrime

11 Nov 2013

The Snowden revelations and unauthorised surveillance of European citizens’ data have given fresh impetus to moves to better protect individuals and their information.

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EU Economic Snapshot: November 2013

08 Nov 2013

This IIEA economic update details the latest economic trends across Europe and analyses the agenda for the ECOFIN meetings scheduled to take place in November 2013. 

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Connected Continent Video: Towards a Single EU Telecoms Market?

08 Nov 2013

What is the EU’s Connected Continent plan and how will it affect you? This IIEA video explains all.


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The Future of Banking in Europe Conference

07 Nov 2013

As the financial services sector undergoes profound structural and regulatory changes, the IIEA is hosting a major one-day conference on the future of banking in Europe.

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Ireland Raises its Voice in the UK’s EU Debate

06 Nov 2013

Irish voices are becoming louder in the UK’s debate on EU membership, delivering the message that the UK is not in fact an island cut off from the rest of Europe. 



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